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Office Progress

Ever wonder where the magic happens?   


That’s my office at the new house, so far.


When we moved in, for the first two month or so, my office was a dumping ground for anything office related.  We literally unpacked boxed and the contents were spread out on the floor.    I’d say that barely counts for unpacking.  lol.  So I was having to work in the breakfast room or family room a lot, since my office was not a great work environment.

I’m one of those people who can’t quite think straight with clutter all over.  In my own home, that is. Other people can have crazy houses and it doesn’t bother me as much.  In my own home, though, it represents stuff that I need to do and I can’t do new stuff until the old stuff is done.  So it bugs me! 

But we had no furniture so there was no place to put all of the “stuff.”  Finally I had enough and we headed to IKEA where we bought three MALM dressers for $79 each, along with the glass tops that you can also buy. 

The plan was to line them up to create a long credenza effect.   

I figured they would be great storage and the wall could handle them. 


I spent a full day putting them together.  Whew. 

And, then we bought these pulls and added them to each drawer.


We made a template from wood that we used to get the holes all placed exactly the same. 


I love the three dressers – that makes 9 large drawers which is wonderful storage.  Plus my closet, which we added shelves to, so that should work for a while.  Especially considering I didn’t bring much with me when we relocated from Austin to Phoenix.


Notice that I jumped straight to storage.  I love organizing and always feel better when things are organized. 

But let me now talk about the other pieces in the space.

The table is from our last few homes.  We bought it off of Craigslist and it’s so sturdy and solid and has two leafs which is great.  But alas, I do plan to replace it with a table more like this in time.


The first piece I bought for the room was the mirror.  It was not cheap but I thought it sort of embodied the overall direction that I wanted my office to take – simple elegance with a hint of glam.  

The next purchase was the chair.   I liked it because of the nail head and because my butt was super sore and tired of sitting on the floor!  So anything cushioned sounded really good at the time!   The color (dark blue) is also a color that is threaded throughout our house.  So it was a great accent color for my office.  


The glass desk that I eventually hope to get will showcase this chair much better since you will be able to see much more of it. 

I picked up the curtains at HomeGoods, along with the art and flowers.  I needed to use the flowers and gold accents in the art to help add some more feminine elements and other colors. 


I hope to eventually add a rug.  I just haven’t had a chance to really give it thought.  Maybe something like this.


I needed some storage for a few books that I kept after the move, so I added shelves on the other side of the room.  Right now, I have our sunburst from our guest bedroom in Texas, resting on the top, along with some art.  Eventually I will dress it all up more.  I’d also like to add something in the corner.  So this is a work in progress that I hesitate to show.  But I’m like that – I tend to show things that aren’t quite done.   That way you can see where I am going and get a sense of the whole space. 

Some people just zoom in on the pretty corners of the room.  I think it makes for great pictures, but I like to see it all.


So here is where we are for now!  I have a light and bright, and most importantly, organized office to work in!   As time goes on, I will slowly perfect it with that perfect desk, rug and accessories.  But I do want to keep it simple overall.


In the future, I do hope to add:
– A rug.
– More accessories.
– A glass topped desk. 

Do you have a dedicated work room in your home? 


Entry – Getting There…

We are starting to slowly get some furniture and décor for the new house!   One of the areas that is almost done now is the entry.  And, that is the only area almost done.  lol.  As you know, these things take time.

For anyone new – we sold almost all of our furniture and décor in Austin before moving to Phoenix.  Then, we lived in a furnished vacation rental while house hunting and waiting for our home to be built.  We just moved into our new home around the first of June.



I do apologize about the angle.  I can’t take a pic straight on due to a wall being there.  So this was the best I could do.

We decided to do a “gallery wall” which is a collection of art that is placed close together so that it acts as one piece visually.  This helps to save money on a large piece of art and creates a collected feel.

We found the furniture piece at a local store called American Furniture Warehouse.  It is actually an entertainment center.  But at 76 inches long and 39 inches tall, we thought it would work great in the entry.  We found the lamps on sale at Ashley Furniture, and most of the art is from Homegoods.

We are so glad to have one space that feels a little more homey and cozy.   Yay!!  We need to get this house feeling more like a home.

Here it is from the other angle.


I will share with you as we work on the various spaces.

Have you created a gallery wall?  What are your best gallery wall tips?


Aluminum Art

Since selling our home in Austin, we have lived in two vacation rentals (furnished homes).  One was in Austin and it was a contemporary 3 story townhouse near South Congress, if you are familiar with that area.  The owner had literally traveled the world and had lots of photography from his journeys.  He chose the coolest way to display his art.


He printed his photos on aluminum and hung them in his stairwells!  I thought it looked so good.  I loved going in the stairwell and seeing the colorful art.  This is a small taste.  It covered a much larger area as you wrapped around the stairs on each floor.

Here is a close up of some of his art from his shop.  He used to sell it printed on aluminum, but doesn’t any longer.



So pretty, huh?  Love the vivid colors.

Here is one more that I took not realizing at the time that my phone camera was acting up.


I am considering doing a wall like this in our new home with photos of our area.

New home?  Well, we haven’t closed on anything, yet and won’t be for a couple of months.  So, I’ll tell you more when I can!  :)

I’m sure you are wondering where you would print on aluminum.  His local vendor stopped printing on aluminum so he recently started using Aluminyze.   They are $30-70 for a 12×12 square, depending on sales.

What do you think of this creative method of hanging your photos?


Client Update – Entry

We got a ton of rain here in the Phoenix area two days ago and are due for more later today!  It’s unusual, but areas not far from us at all flooded.  A car even washed down our “wash” (a wash is where the water is made to drain when it does rain a lot though they are usually dry).  Our usually dry wash became a raging river for a short time on Tuesday around noon.  We hope to avoid that today, but time will tell!   Pray for all of those who lost so much in the flood already.

I love getting updated photos from e-design clients as they work on completing their rooms.   For these clients, I just give a written design plan that they implement in their time.  The last update I gave was here and here is the master bedroom design we also worked on.

Check out this entry!


So beautiful!

Below is the original 3d drawing we put together way back in January 2012 for the rooms to show the design direction for the space.  It includes the entry area and family room.  We worked on this via email since it was an e-design.  (E-design clients execute the plan on their own time.)

The furniture is just approximated in the drawing.  But, a drawing helps since sometimes things can look good on a story board, but not in real life.  After all, they won’t all be crammed together in a square that depicts items not to scale.  The objects on a story board end up spread out and life size when executed and that can make it look much different than you thought.


Below is a straight on view of the entry area design.


Below are the storyboards for the entry and family room.  Next to each other, you can see how they flow.

entrystoryboardnikki2 image

Below the family room was starting to come to life.  She still has more to add though.


Part of the process was giving her a shopping list, but I also let her know which items have freedom within to put her own touch on it or to find a bargain.  For example, with the lamp, the scale is most important, but color can vary and still look good.

Below is the before photo of the family room.


I know, cool house, right?!  It’s an old barn turned house.  She didn’t want to repaint the red accent wall, but if she ever decided to, we did another drawing showing it in blue.


Back to the entry though.  Want to see it again?!

Here is the design.


And, here it is finished in real life!



I LOVE that  white dresser. Those lines are amazing.  She found it on Craigslist.

Looking good!  She says it feels much more inviting than before.  I love seeing her progress images.

The 3d drawings really helped her envision things along the way so she had a clear idea of what was worth trying in the room, as most things were ordered online.  Between that, the storyboard and the written plan, she had a clear direction and was able to execute it on her own, saving a lot of money on a designer!

It was definitely a collaboration between me and the client – what works for her (no sofa in front of the window), what she needs to keep (like the paint colors and sofas), her taste and her budget.  This is why my company is called Hyphen Interiors – it’s a collaboration.  Though be prepared, I’ll be honest with you if you really need to update more to achieve a look you want (right now, fresh and white is in).

If you like what you see and are interested in help with a room in your home, email me at


Home Tour – Join Me!

Today I’m over at It’s Overflowing taking everyone on a tour of our home!  Join me there.  Here is a sneak peak…

Though we had just gotten our Phoenix home almost all decorated, which you can see towards the bottom of the Home Tour page on my blog, it was fun finding a new home in Texas and decorating it.


We’ve been in this home for a year and a half, but it’s really still a work in progress.   But, isn’t that always the case for those of us who love to decorate?   No room is ever done.  We have decorated just about every room now, except the media room and workout room.

Well, come on in and let’s take a tour of our Austin home.   When you walk in, the first thing you see is a little entry area next to the stairs.

image15_thumb2 NewShoot-42_thumb2

You’ll see that I love an eclectic room that includes some pops of color, texture, items that are old and new.  I love to add a vintage piece or two just to have a sense of history in the space.  I think I love an eclectic space because I love so many design styles!  Mixing it up lets me have a piece of several styles.

The dresser was a honey wood color before I painted it blue.  The antlers represent my husband’s love for hunting.  The succulent reminds us of Arizona.  And, the railroad crossing sign is authentic, full of bullet holes and all.  I figured it would add a touch of whimsy to the space.  What do we keep in these drawers?  Paint!  Lots and lots of samples.

From here, we’ll head to the right into the dining room.

image9_thumb1 image6_thumb

We continued the blue theme in here.  It’s the only room in the home with a saturated color on the wall.  We wanted to emphasize the coffered ceiling and chair rail details.  The table is a custom built table that a local artisan made.  We adore the table.  The chairs are IKEA lucite chairs.  The modern lines of the chairs juxtapose the rustic feel of the table.   The rug adds texture to an otherwise fairly smooth space.  The metal details on the table and the light fixture add industrial elements.

Now to the not-quite-finished part.  The frames that line the walls are currently place holders.  My goal is to take some photos of the local area and have them printed for the frames.  I haven’t yet found a great printer for a 12×12 size though.  But, first things first!  I need to take those photos.  So, that’s on the old to-do list.

From here, we’ll head into the kitchen.  You get a glimpse of it in the second photo above.

Kitchen-198_thumb3 Kitchen-239_thumb4

For the rest, head over to It’s Overflowing!


Five Things

1.  Office art.  My husband needed something that “fit” him on the wall across from the giant blue dry erase board in his office, above two chairs.   We finally decided to tackle that.

I ordered these Tesla blueprints from an Etsy shop.   They came as electronic files which we printed at Wal-Mart.   They are perfect for my husband because he loves science, and the blueprints keep with the blue theme.


I put them in six black frames that we already had on hand and tada, a new wall of art.  If you can’t find a piece large enough, don’t forget to consider several smaller pieces places close enough together that they act as one (this is about as far apart as you want them).


2.  Stone wall.  We had this sloped drop off where our backyard grass ends and the rest of the “natural” yard begins.  Chris, my husband, never liked it so he had a guy with a bulldozer or something like that (I don’t know one tractor from another) come in and scoop the slope out to make it a drop off.  It’s about a three foot drop off.

We don’t want it to erode, so we needed to build a retaining wall.  On our evenings we are working on that a lot of the time.  Chris has graded the area, installed drainage and most recently, we’ve been in a rock gathering mode and back-filling-with-dirt mode.  Believe it or not, we’ve found most of these rocks in our own yard or adjacent lots just before they were throwing them out.

2013-09-12 18.41.50

It has been exhausting.  These photos are from about a week ago, so there has been more progress since.  We have the top rocks to put on which may need mortar unlike the rest of the stacked stone, just to make sure they are secure and steps to build!  See those gigantic rocks?  Well, we hope to be able to lift them and get them on the top ledge!

2013-09-12 18.55.44

3.  Client Kitchen.  A client and friend sent me these wonderful before and after photos of her kitchen makeover.  I thought I’d share the awesome results!

image  image

The cabinets were painted, the island moved, wood flooring put down, a backsplash and new lighting added and the walls were painted.  Looks like a new kitchen!  See the after photos below.

image image

4.  Map.  Okay, the photos below suck.  That’s why I haven’t shared them.  It’s my half bath which is in a hallway with no windows.  So, between lighting and space, it’s tough to photograph.  But, we found a huge Texas map from a local courthouse on Craigslist for the wall!  The map is framed and is five feet by five feet!  We had to bring it home on top of my car!!

2013-05-28 17.07.42 2013-09-18 15.24.27

It’s one of my favorite pieces in our home now.

5.  Chair.  I bought this chair on Craigslist.


I painted it and recovered the cushion.    I love it!

Painted--2 Chair-11

And, yep, that’s the painted chair behind it.  It’s still alive and well.

There you have it, five quick things!


Meet Our Guest Room

I haven’t shared this room yet even though it was the first finished room in this house because it’s tough to photograph well.  But, here goes!  This is our guest room.

Guest Room-66

One day we may do somewhat of a gallery wall on that big blank wall.  I’m not quite sure yet.  In person it doesn’t feel so blank.  But, photos definitely read a little differently.

The room shares a jack-and-jill bathroom with the workout room, so essentially, guests have their own full bath when they visit.

Guest Room-43

This room is mostly comprised of things we already had.  Don’t you love to shop your own house?  I sure do.  Anytime you need something, make sure you don’t already have it first!

Perhaps you recognize the cowhide (faux cowhide) rug.  it was previously in our master bedroom at our home in Phoenix.

The bed is the same from our last guest room.  The sunburst mirror and curtains are from the master as well and the pillows, night stand, and art are from the family room in our last home.

Guest Room-17

The only new items are the HUGE television, dresser and bedding.

We got the television from our neighbors when they moved and the dresser came from a local etsy shop owner.   See a close up of the dresser below.  I love all of the drawers and gold hardware.

Guest Room-100

Here are a few more angles of the room.

Guest Room-35

Below is the view across from the bed.  The door on the right is to the bathroom.

Guest Room-74

And, from the door of the room, here it is again.

Guest Room-54

Do you have a guest room?  Does it get used often?  Does it feel worthwhile or have you given it up and used the space for something else?


New Curtains in Game Room!

I mentioned here that I may get new curtains in the game room.  Well, I did!

I originally got navy and white chevron curtains for the game room.  But, the pattern was too small – there was no transitional pattern between it and the large graphic pattern of the letters on the wall.  So, I sold those and got these.

Game Room-30b

These were custom made for me by an Etsy shop, Sew Panache, from Duralee’s Dalesford Blue fabric. 

Below is a view of the entire room.

Game Room-67b

Below are the original chevron curtains. 


Here are the new ones.  The green barn light and chalk board were made by a shop in town called Oodles.  The pub table, armoire and chairs were Craigslist finds which I painted. 


And, a view of the other side of the room with the custom letter art by Thelma and Louize.


Much better, huh?   I’m loving it! 

By the way, if you are trying to place this game room space in my home, it is connected to the desk nook at the top of the stairs.


Here it is one more time.

Game Room-67b

We’ll see how much use we get out of the ping pong table.  It seems to be popular with guests, but we haven’t played it a ton ourselves.  We got it at a great price from our neighbors when they moved and it is what spurred on the entire space.   Do you have a game room space in your home?  What do you use it for?