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Breakfast Room – It’s Coming Together!

We are just about done with our breakfast room at the new house.


We started with a simple black and white rug from IKEA.  I do wish it was a bit bigger but the next size up was way too big and any bigger eats into the kitchen walkway.  Underneath that is a rug pad from which I will talk about more in a subsequent post.

Then we purchased a simple round pedestal table, much like we had in our previous home.  However, I miss that one since it was an antique with real claw feet and a leaf.  It was super cool.

The chairs are metal and play off of the color of our sectional.


We chose this lighting because the crystals and the fabric on the drum shade bring in a feminine element.    Since the last photos, we did lower the light by about 8 inches.

The newest element in the room is the curtains!  We purchased those from and Etsy shop called I Decorate With Pillows.  The owner, Johanne, did a great job of communicating along the way, and delivered the custom panels within a very reasonable turn around time.   Check her shop out!

The fabric is Premier Print’s prints Ikat Craze in Birch Frost.  I love the colors.  Our house still carries the dark blue like the last one but we are incorporating a little more light blue and green in this one, as you saw a glimpse of in the entry.


That is a close up of the fabric and the colors in it.  These cool tones are becoming more and more popular.   They are great when paired with the grays and whites in our home.

I love having some color on the wall!  Curtains are a great way to add color to your walls.

If you are wondering about the art behind the table, it’s a beast.  It measures at 5 ft by 6 ft!  And, being solid wood, it is heavy.


We thought about using pallets but they just are not readily available in the size that we needed.  So we bought all new wood, cut it to size, stained it, put it together, and then painted the words on.

Here are a few more views of the room.  You can see a hint of the family room in the photo below.  We are still working on it.  That’s a pillow cover in the same fabric as the curtains that is draped on the sectional.  We still need chairs, an end table and accessories in the family room, though.


Another view.  Just ignore the cord below.  That’s real life.  :)  We use an air purifier most of the time and that was the cord from it.


EDIT:  I mentioned above that we started with the rug in the space.

A good question was emailed from a reader – Should you always start with a rug?

There are three main ways to know where to start in a room – either with something you love, an inspiration piece with all of the colors that you want to include or just with pure logic.

What I mean by pure logic is to start with things that are harder to find in lots of colors.  It is easier to match to those things than vice versa.

Paint and throw pillow may be something you can find in many colors.  So, you may want to save those for last (though it’s easier to paint before furniture is in).   Yet curtains or a sectional may be limited by fabrics that are available to you.  They could be a great place to start.   This will depend on your resources and what you have an easier time finding.  Also note that you can of course change the color on some things.

<End Edit>



I just love having more color on the walls – the curtains made such an impact.  Just adding fabric softens an otherwise hard space.

Where are your favorite places to buy curtains?  I love IKEA, Etsy, and Overstock.

Our home is slowly coming together.  We aren’t pushing it to happen overnight.  We are taking our time, finding the right pieces and slowly putting them in place.  For me, it takes on average 2 years before a home we move into is fully decorated.   It’s never a super fast process, especially if you are starting fresh like we are in this home.  We are doing things as we have time.  Thanks for following along with the journey.

We are loving our new home so far.  It has been 5 months since we moved in now!  The lot, the location, the floor plan and everything works really well for us.


Office Progress

Ever wonder where the magic happens?   


That’s my office at the new house, so far.


When we moved in, for the first two month or so, my office was a dumping ground for anything office related.  We literally unpacked boxed and the contents were spread out on the floor.    I’d say that barely counts for unpacking.  lol.  So I was having to work in the breakfast room or family room a lot, since my office was not a great work environment.

I’m one of those people who can’t quite think straight with clutter all over.  In my own home, that is. Other people can have crazy houses and it doesn’t bother me as much.  In my own home, though, it represents stuff that I need to do and I can’t do new stuff until the old stuff is done.  So it bugs me! 

But we had no furniture so there was no place to put all of the “stuff.”  Finally I had enough and we headed to IKEA where we bought three MALM dressers for $79 each, along with the glass tops that you can also buy. 

The plan was to line them up to create a long credenza effect.   

I figured they would be great storage and the wall could handle them. 


I spent a full day putting them together.  Whew. 

And, then we bought these pulls and added them to each drawer.


We made a template from wood that we used to get the holes all placed exactly the same. 


I love the three dressers – that makes 9 large drawers which is wonderful storage.  Plus my closet, which we added shelves to, so that should work for a while.  Especially considering I didn’t bring much with me when we relocated from Austin to Phoenix.


Notice that I jumped straight to storage.  I love organizing and always feel better when things are organized. 

But let me now talk about the other pieces in the space.

The table is from our last few homes.  We bought it off of Craigslist and it’s so sturdy and solid and has two leafs which is great.  But alas, I do plan to replace it with a table more like this in time.


The first piece I bought for the room was the mirror.  It was not cheap but I thought it sort of embodied the overall direction that I wanted my office to take – simple elegance with a hint of glam.  

The next purchase was the chair.   I liked it because of the nail head and because my butt was super sore and tired of sitting on the floor!  So anything cushioned sounded really good at the time!   The color (dark blue) is also a color that is threaded throughout our house.  So it was a great accent color for my office.  


The glass desk that I eventually hope to get will showcase this chair much better since you will be able to see much more of it. 

I picked up the curtains at HomeGoods, along with the art and flowers.  I needed to use the flowers and gold accents in the art to help add some more feminine elements and other colors. 


I hope to eventually add a rug.  I just haven’t had a chance to really give it thought.  Maybe something like this.


I needed some storage for a few books that I kept after the move, so I added shelves on the other side of the room.  Right now, I have our sunburst from our guest bedroom in Texas, resting on the top, along with some art.  Eventually I will dress it all up more.  I’d also like to add something in the corner.  So this is a work in progress that I hesitate to show.  But I’m like that – I tend to show things that aren’t quite done.   That way you can see where I am going and get a sense of the whole space. 

Some people just zoom in on the pretty corners of the room.  I think it makes for great pictures, but I like to see it all.


So here is where we are for now!  I have a light and bright, and most importantly, organized office to work in!   As time goes on, I will slowly perfect it with that perfect desk, rug and accessories.  But I do want to keep it simple overall.


In the future, I do hope to add:
– A rug.
– More accessories.
– A glass topped desk. 

Do you have a dedicated work room in your home? 


Entry – Getting There…

We are starting to slowly get some furniture and décor for the new house!   One of the areas that is almost done now is the entry.  And, that is the only area almost done.  lol.  As you know, these things take time.

For anyone new – we sold almost all of our furniture and décor in Austin before moving to Phoenix.  Then, we lived in a furnished vacation rental while house hunting and waiting for our home to be built.  We just moved into our new home around the first of June.



I do apologize about the angle.  I can’t take a pic straight on due to a wall being there.  So this was the best I could do.

We decided to do a “gallery wall” which is a collection of art that is placed close together so that it acts as one piece visually.  This helps to save money on a large piece of art and creates a collected feel.

We found the furniture piece at a local store called American Furniture Warehouse.  It is actually an entertainment center.  But at 76 inches long and 39 inches tall, we thought it would work great in the entry.  We found the lamps on sale at Ashley Furniture, and most of the art is from Homegoods.

We are so glad to have one space that feels a little more homey and cozy.   Yay!!  We need to get this house feeling more like a home.

Here it is from the other angle.


I will share with you as we work on the various spaces.

Have you created a gallery wall?  What are your best gallery wall tips?


Our New House – The Journey – Our House Pics

So far, I’ve shared the lot we chose and why.  Next, I shared why we chose the plan that we chose, and also shared pics of a home of the same layout that we viewed and told you about the changes we made.

Today, I’m sharing pics of our actual home so you can see how it turned out.

Here is how the exterior turned out once they installed the block fence and gates.


From another angle you can see a little more of the fence itself, as well as our baby and adult Saguaros (tall cactus that only grows in this part of the world).


The fence looks great, but they still have to redo a small section due to it covering an exterior access panel, do some grading near a section so that water can escape the yard and paint it, and stain the gates.  So it’s not done yet!

Then, we will also add privacy panels on one side of the house due to the elevations of the lots.  This will give us real privacy from that neighbor.

Let’s step inside.  Here is how the kitchen turned out.  If you recall, though we kept a similar look and color scheme, we changed out countertops, backsplash, flooring, crown molding on the cabinets, added wainscoting to the outside of the island, and also (which you will see in other pics) adding our own lighting.


Here is the actual quartzite slab (one of 4) that we used in our home.  Quartzite, unlike quartz, is a natural stone.  It is about as durable as granite and is priced at the higher end of granite.


Here we are holding the sample up to it to double check that it’s accurate.  That way we could see how it will look in the space before we actually committed.


Below is the chandelier that we added in the breakfast room that is adjacent to the kitchen.   The plastic is still on it at the moment.

We chose this light because the space needed more feminine elements.  All of the hard stone and wood surfaces are very masculine.  In design, it’s important to balance the two.  The shade and crystals add a feminine touch.


We requested that three electric boxes be added to the ceiling for island lights.  However, once we got the large glass pendant lights hung (from West Elm), we did not feel the three were adequately balanced in the space.  It’s hard to see in the pic from this angle, but in real life, either we needed a fourth which would likely still be unbalanced because each side of the island is a different length or we just needed two for the longer side where the seating is.

You can see we are currently using (and may keep) the stools that went with our pub table from our previous home.  The stools and table used to live in our game room.


We chose just two once we eyeballed it without the globe on the third one.


I actually forgot to take a photo after we took the third one completely down, so use your imagination some.  But, you can also see our chosen finishes here.

Subway tile backsplash, quartzite countertops, wood look tile plank flooring, wainscoting on the island, larger crown molding on the cabinets…


It’s a good thing we did it this way, too, because one light came broken!



Below is a pic of the breakfast nook area.

Keep in mind that we did not bring much furniture from Austin.  We had a huge estate sale before moving and sold nearly all of our furniture before heading to Phoenix.  However, these faux bamboo chairs are one of the few things we kept.  They were in our breakfast room in our last house.  Why did we keep these out of all things?  They are hard to find, can get expensive and look great in most spaces!


To be transparent, it’s crazy around here right now.  I desperately needed a spot to place my computer on, so I threw in the pub table temporarily while we find an actual table for the space.  Then, we will probably sell the pub table.  But, since we had it on hand, I figured we could use it for now.

Here is how crazy that looks!  I use it as a standing desk.


Told you, things are still crazy around here.  What?  What’s that blue tape for?

I always advise clients to take off their floor space with furniture dimensions before purchasing.  This is a great way to double check scale and make sure it will indeed fit.   A very common decorating mistake is bringing home furniture (sometimes that you can’t return) that doesn’t fit right.

So that is what we did in our family room.  We have a sectional ordered for in there and we are watching for the just-right chair.   Later we will add a rug, coffee table, end table, lamps, curtains and so on.   I like to start with the big pieces.  I don’t have an exact plan for this space, but I do have a general idea in my mind.


As you can see, we also kept our old TV stand.  And, our first purchase for this house was the large “Pixar” floor lamp.  Of all things.  We found it on clearance at World Market and picked it up just before closing.

At the moment, we are considering these fabrics.  We ordered the sectional from Bassett Furniture in the charcoal gray/ smoke color.  We have pillows in the blue print and Bassett pillows in the gold coming with the sofa.  I am going to see what I think with this and some raspberry.  But, I might use these pillows in the master bedroom instead in the end.  We’ll see!

Either way, we will definitely keep some of the navy from our last home.  I still love it!


We decided on this sectional (below) for two main reasons.  Though it wasn’t the shape I wanted ideally, it was super comfy and priced very well!  In addition, the color was nice.


Now we will look back towards the entry from the kitchen/ family room area.


Another change we made was the front door.  This is the front door that we chose instead of the builder’s standard.  We felt it gave the house a little more character and dimension.

From there we can see the dining room.  Right now, we have a chandelier hung in there.  And, we actually also have the floor taped off for the dining table.  We are having one built just like the dining table in our last home.  We lvoed it.  We sold it and it’s good that we did because it was about 17 inches too long to fit in this dining room.


We paired a masculine entry light(s) with a feminine dining light.  They are near enough each other that it is important they work together visually.



From here, let’s take a peek into the three bathrooms briefly.  I do not have a wide enough angled lens to be able to get nearly the whole room in one shot.  This is always difficult in small spaces.

First, here is the master bath, or part of it.

You can see the quartzite countertops and the subway tile, as well as the flooring that is throughout the entire house.




Then, here is the Jack and Jill bath (between two bedrooms).


And a hall bathroom.  We clearly kept the same finishes throughout the house.

Things such as consistent flooring throughout can make a space feel larger because to the eye it doesn’t stop… it keeps going.


And, here is the laundry room, before we got our washer and dryer in.


And, a view outside.


Hope you enjoyed the tour of our house.  We are making do on the floor and such until we are able to slowly find furniture that we love and buy it.   It will be a long process, though, I’m sure.

We are loving our new home!

The light and bright color scheme is new again for us.  We haven’t had white cabinets and gray walls since our condo in Salt Lake City which was about 10 years ago!  But, I’m loving it.  It feels so clean and cheerful.

Would you ever go white and gray?  It’s pretty hot right now.

We are looking forward to decorating as we can.  To see how this compares to the bulder’s standard version of this floor plan, visit yeterday’s post.


Our New House – The Journey – Seeing Other Similar Homes/ Our Changes

In the last post, I talked about us finding the lot we liked a lot – both general location (proximity to things) and in privacy and scenery.

Today, let’s talk about the house itself.  (Below is a picture of our actual house which we chose colors and all for, though the pic is from before the fence went up.)


The builder was a small builder who had previously done remodels and more recently full builds.  We researched the heck out of him.  :)

He just had a few floor plans available.  Our last home was really too large for just the two of us at 3855 square feet.  We had rooms that we never entered.  So, we for sure wanted to go smaller this time.

For that reason, we were interested in his 2455 (appraiser says 2502 when he measured) square ft plan.  It is a plan with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a 3 car garage.  No separate office, game room, or media room like our last home.  The layout is a pretty good layout for us, overall.

So, we ventured out to see some finished homes in that plan.  There was one in a dark cabinet/ tan scheme and one in a white/gray scheme.  We knew we’d want to go light and bright this time, so I’ll focus on the photos of the white and gray scheme mostly.

If you have ever purchased a new home before or during construction, you know very well that each tiny change means more money.  So, you have to really weigh out what you want to change while keeping it in your budget.

I’ll walk you through what we changed!

Here is the kitchen from the home we saw.  (THIS IS NOT OUR HOME.)   Note that this home is flipped from the home we built.

2015-01-17 14.23.32

I wish it was a much bigger kitchen like we’ve been used to.  That is one of the main drawbacks of this home.  But, to be honest, once we moved in (we got rid of quite a few things before moving) all of our stuff fit fine, though there is no extra room in the kitchen.

2015-01-31 10.14.58

What did we change from their standard offerings?  We had to decide what we were willing to spend extra for, it all adds up fast.  So use your dollars wisely!

We added wainscoting around the front of that island so it looks like cabinetry.  This was instead of the standard drywall island front.  Such a change will make the room look much more finished and rich.  It was worth the extra cost.

We also added taller crown molding on the cabinets.  This always helps.  It’s hard to see here, but their standard crown molding is quite short.  It makes the cabinets feel nicer.  A small cost, but big value.


We changed the countertops.  Here they are marble.  Marble is very pretty but it is not functional in a kitchen, in my opinion.  It etches and is porous (stains).  We got a similar look and color by using quartzite instead.  It is a natural stone and much more functional in a kitchen.  We used quartzite for all counters in the house.

We changed the backsplash from the basketweave tile to a subway tile in the pumice color (gray).  This was just a personal choice.  I love subway tile.  It’s classic and has such clean lines.


We added pendant lights over the larger part of the angled island.

Here is the pantry.  Much much smaller than our last home, but still decent sized.


There was also the choice to add a bank of cabinets that stretched into the breakfast room (see below).

2015-02-26 18.01.59

Though the storage would have been great, we did not opt for that choice because it throws off the breakfast room.  Suddenly the table can’t fit centered in the space, on the window.  That would bug the heck out of me.

Of course, we also changed out all lighting to lights that we liked much more.  We bought our own lighting outside of the contract.

And who would I be if I didn’t do a mockup of what I thought the kitchen area could become?!


These are not the exact pieces we decided on in the end, but this was my initial mockup just to help us visualize it with the wainscoting and some furniture.

The next shot is of the family room.  It’s a good size space allowing for plenty of furniture, more than in our last family room.   That’s my husband, probably trying to help me take pics.  :)

2015-01-17 14.24.06

We did change the flooring, though ours is similar to what you see here.   This is just an ice gray which looked fine in person but was very cold.  We liked the overall color scheme but wanted something a tad more warm.  So, we opted for a wood look tile in plank size that brought in more warmth, yet was still gray like weathered wood would be.

And, as I change my camera focus to outside…   the view.  The peaceful view.  This is why we loved this area and these lots.

2015-01-17 14.29.09


Below is a view from the kitchen area to the front door.  We changed out lighting and the actual front door.  We chose a stained fiberglass door that looks like wood.  In the hot desert, wood dries out fast, so fiberglass is the way to go.

2015-01-17 14.24.52

Next we have the Jack and Jill bath, located between two bedrooms.  Same as in the rest of the house, we changed out countertops, lighting and flooring.

2015-01-17 14.26.53

You know what’s funny, I think my mom thought that these photos were in black and white at first.  Nope, it’s just a gray color scheme.  :)

Then there is the master bath.  Small rooms are so hard to photograph.  So this is part of the space.

2015-01-17 14.27.48

Again, for our home, we did different flooring, countertops, as well as tile around the tub and in the shower.  Below is the shower.

Another pic.  This time you can see a few planks of the floor tile that we chose for our home laid on the floor of this home.  It was a wonderful way to see it in the lighting of the home.  Always check colors this way before committing.   Colors WILL look different in different lighting, with different surround colors and so on.  You want to see things in your own home (or one just like it) before committing to them, if at all possible.

2015-02-27 09.01.56

Here is one more quick view of a few planks of the floor tile that we chose for our home laid on the floor of this home.  This time in the kitchen.

2015-02-27 17.23.52

Back to the master bath for a minute.  Below is a picture of the master shower in the home we viewed.

The tile reaches to the ceiling which is a nice touch since the ceiling is probably 10 feet tall in the shower area.  I really like having the shower in a separate room with a door this time so that it can adequately heat up the room (much better for shaving).  In the vacation rental that we were staying in prior to moving into our new home, the master bath was so huge with the shower in the main area.  I could not get warm enough to shave (ladies know this pain), so I literally showered in the bathroom down the hall each time, instead.  I’m so happy to be able to shower in my own bathroom again!

2015-01-17 14.28.25

We also opted out of the shower seat.  This sounds crazy, but it can be a water catcher and molder if not perfectly installed.  With my allergies, we felt it was better to just avoid that and to instead have more floor space in the shower.  In the shower, we went with larger scale subway tile in our home.  No glass tile at all.

2015-03-05 14.17.19

In the image above you can see the tile for our home laid in the bottom of the shower.

Here is the dining room.  Just to reiterate, this is not our house.  This is a home much like ours by the same builder, with the same floor plan.  It is a home we viewed before deciding if to purchase ours.

Same changes – lighting and flooring.


And, here is the laundry room.  Lots of good storage.


Though I love the storage, I prefer a laundry room like at our last house where you don’t walk through it from the garage.  But, so far, I am liking this one fine.  Again, same changes in here.

In addition to the things shown here, we opted for larger exterior garage lights, more closet shelves, can lights in the family room, blinds, no arches (just squared off entries to spaces) and a block fence.  And, we got to choose exterior colors and roof tile color.  So lots of changes, yet a very similar look.

If I had an unlimited budget, I would change a few other things as well.  I’d get taller doors throughout since the ceilings are tall, I’d add a door on the master bathroom, I might do more expensive flooring that is similar, and I would probably consider turning the dining room into an office.

I showed you the exterior of our home at the top.  Here is the exterior of the home we viewed so you can see some of the changes there.


And, ours again.


Our home started construction in January and finished at the end of May.   Looking forward to showing you pics of our actual home (though remember, we sold almost all furniture in our estate sale so it will be a while before we have much in the way of furniture), and pics of the vacation rental we stayed in for the past year.

Hope you enjoyed these pics.  Really it’s a very simple house (though as luck would have it more expensive than our last) and is much smaller than our last, which we like.  We are very happy with it so far.

What changes would you make in your home if you could?


Our New House – The Journey – Privacy and the Lot

Big news – we JUST purchased a home in Phoenix, after moving from Austin and living in a vacation rental for a year!

(After just hanging the breakfast room light, tough it’s a little crooked here.)

I didn’t want to jinx it and post along the way too much, but I’m ready to tell you all about it now.   I will take you through our journey from when we found the lot in August of 2014 to now.

What is important to you when looking for a home?

For us, we like backyard privacy.  We like to feel like we are not on stage when we are outside.  Instead, we are in our own little private space.  We also like a good location that works for us.  And, of course, something in our price range.

Outside of that, we attempt to keep an open mind, though of course there are certain finishes and such that I prefer.  However, you can change finishes.  You can’t change location and privacy much.

2015-01-17 15.18.47

We searched and got listings for every home that went on the market in our area each day.  We looked at many of them.  Nothing was floating our boat, though.  Many had yards the size of a postage stamp and no privacy (houses looking right into the yard).  Finding a slightly larger yard with privacy is a task in Phoenix!

In August of this past year, we ran across a builder that owned four 1 acre lots.  He was building on two of the lots, and the other two would be started in January of this year.


Above is a picture from towards the back of the fourth lot looking towards the backs of the houses on the first two lots.  This is a “wash” that water runs through when it rains a lot.

We liked the fourth lot quite a bit.  For a few reasons.  First, it was at the dead end street.  Second, on the other side, the neighbor is on a 5 acre lot and so sits quite a distance away from this lot.  Third, there were lots of plants on the lot and we want to have greenery around.  We hate when (most) builders completely clear a lot and you have no plants left to enjoy.

image image

So, we kept looking while we waited for him to start building on the lot of our choice.  Construction started in January of this year.  We made an offer once it started since we had not found anything else and still liked this property and location.

Was it perfect?   Almost but no.  Is anything?  Not really.  There was one issue with this lot.

You may be able to tell below, when they cleared the area where the house would sit that they had to build it up a bit with dirt.  This was just to insure that there wouldn’t be flooding from the wash that runs through the property.


However, that means that your back porch sits high and your neighbors to the left can see right over a regular 6 foot fence, as if you are on stage.  As you read, we don’t like that feeling.  So, we had to do some problem solving.

We decided to put privacy panels on the slope near the house on the left side in order to eliminate the issue of being seen when on the porch or slope.

So that should help with that issue.   Whew.  (We are also getting a regular block fence around the property.)

2015-01-17 15.18.45

We made sure to work the privacy issue out with a 3d rendering and many measurements before making an offer.

We are so excited to have a larger lot (for here) and some nice views!

In the photo below, the foundation began to be prepared (seen on the right of the image below) and with that, our journey to owning this property also began.

2015-01-17 15.01.39

Can’t wait to share more!   Stay tuned.

What is important to you when looking for a home?


Aluminum Art

Since selling our home in Austin, we have lived in two vacation rentals (furnished homes).  One was in Austin and it was a contemporary 3 story townhouse near South Congress, if you are familiar with that area.  The owner had literally traveled the world and had lots of photography from his journeys.  He chose the coolest way to display his art.


He printed his photos on aluminum and hung them in his stairwells!  I thought it looked so good.  I loved going in the stairwell and seeing the colorful art.  This is a small taste.  It covered a much larger area as you wrapped around the stairs on each floor.

Here is a close up of some of his art from his shop.  He used to sell it printed on aluminum, but doesn’t any longer.



So pretty, huh?  Love the vivid colors.

Here is one more that I took not realizing at the time that my phone camera was acting up.


I am considering doing a wall like this in our new home with photos of our area.

New home?  Well, we haven’t closed on anything, yet and won’t be for a couple of months.  So, I’ll tell you more when I can!  :)

I’m sure you are wondering where you would print on aluminum.  His local vendor stopped printing on aluminum so he recently started using Aluminyze.   They are $30-70 for a 12×12 square, depending on sales.

What do you think of this creative method of hanging your photos?


Hi Sugarplum’s Kitchen and an Update

Do you like patterned tile on a backsplash?

I haven’t been keeping up with blogs lately, so I was several weeks late finding out that one of my favorite bloggers, Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, is moving.  That means she is making plans for the décor in her future home.  And, part of the is a kitchen reno.

I was so excited about the plans she described that I stopped what I was doing and began to flesh them out in a rendering.  Fun!


I think that is where she appears to be going with the space.  Of course, it’s just my best guess from reading her blog entry about her kitchen plans.  Loving the backsplash.    Do you?

Here is the current photo she has posted which is what I started with.

This should be an awesome transformation.  She is keeping the off-white corian counters, but adding the fun backsplash that you see here (which is actually gray), painting the cabinets, adding new trim, adding a bank of drawers and wood floors.

And, just for fun, before I understood the vent hood (or I think I may understand, which means I just used a similar one above), I tried it with a stainless vent hood.


Can’t wait to see it in person!!  This angle doesn’t even show the awesome (I’m sure) lighting that will be part of the design.

Oh, and what is going on here in Phoenix with us?  Have we found a home in Phoenix to buy after relocating from Austin?  We are still in a vacation rental, but we are enjoying it.   We don’t mind it at all.

This is one a sunset from our backyard.


The rental is right across the street from open desert that is so fun to hike in.  This particular piece of desert has lots of washes (creeks) and interesting terrain.


Just yesterday when we were out hiking, we found this fort looking area that kids had made.  Check out the hammock and swing.  Can you find it?  It’s a little bit like a game of Where’s Waldo.


We even have wild burros that wonder around the desert here.  This was a group of 22 burros, but I just got a few in the photo.


Aren’t they cute?

As for houses, we do have our eye on one for sure!  It is early on, though, and doesn’t even have a foundation yet.   I don’t want to share too many details and jinx it.  But, I am anxious to share as soon as we can.  We will see how it goes!