Bedroom Dilemma

It’s time to focus on decorating our master bedroom.  It was just thrown together with whatever we had on hand.  I plan to keep the curtains (they are fabulous and from Overstock).  I also love the teal pillows on the bed.  So, keeping those.  Keeping all furniture.  But, what to put with the teal as an accent color?   Yellow?  Purple? 

IMG_4487 (640x480)

Our bedroom is 13.5x 19 ft.  It’s long and somewhat narrow.  So, the bed is at one end, which is the expected position, as the reading can lights are above it.  So, a seating area would be great on the other end. 

I’d like to hang a swag light with a barrel shade over each nightstand to add a bit of color and interest in front of the curtains. 

What to do, what to do.  I think I’ll start coming up with story boards.  

Will post those later today!   Stay tuned!

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