Second stop – a purse!

Since the pillows went well, I felt like maybe just maybe I was a natural, or at least on a roll.  Of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

But nonetheless, next up in the tutorials was a purse. 

I couldn’t find the pattern that was called for in the tutorial… so I got one that was close to it.

I must add, this pattern wasn’t for just any purse – it was a LINED purse.  Scary.

Here is the pattern that I actually got, so you can see what it should look like when finished.   I was trying to make the top one.

IMG_4496 (471x640)

I purchased all of the necessary items.  Read the pattern, though there were still lots of foreign words.  I cut each piece, which felt painstakingly slow – you have to cut the pattern piece, pin it to the fabric, cut the fabric… for a hundred pieces.  Not really a hundred, but it felt like it.  So, then, I was finally ready to sew.  I had to call my mom about every five minutes for meanings of words and instructions as things like “baste stitch the flap” didn’t quite make sense to a beginner like me.

Though I don’t have photos of me making the purse, here are some after photos.  Feast your eyes on this! 

IMG_4450 (640x480)

Hopefully the image is big enough to see the horrible stitching and imperfections.  Some of the random threads are from me ripping seams and redoing them as I was really guessing on what they wanted me to do with the “facing.” 

Note: the actual strap is the piece of fabric not yet sewn that is laying above the purse. 

Below there is a bit of the lining showing.

IMG_4453 (640x480)

Good news is, you can kind of tell what it is and the lining fits well!  The bad news is:

-  Now the pattern called for corduroy or leather.  I chose velvet.  Velvet is thick.  Very thick.  It’s hard to sew when there are multiple layer being sewn together and then straps on top of that.
- My mom kept hearing me sew on the phone and said you seem to be sewing super-fast, slow down.  I didn’t realize why, but now I do.  My seams aren’t straight.
- I didn’t want to change out the thread in order to “practice” so yeah, it’s ivory and you can see it.  And, therefore you can see how imperfect it is.
- I didn’t mark any of the fabric for where anything should be attached or sewn.  I didn’t even own tracing paper at the time. 
Many lessons learned.  In the end, it got too thick to attach the thingamajig that the strap attaches to…  So, I nixed the strap. 

What I am going to do is see this as a learning experience, realize that this was a fairly difficult project for a second project and… use it to wrap things I get from the flea market this weekend… and make a new purse with new fabric that isn’t velvet!

It’s all about the journey, right?

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