“Sew” Cool…

I may not have been exposed to a lot of interior design growing up, but I was definitely exposed to sewing through my mom.

I’m not talking about a mom who can sew a button on. I’m talking about a mom who made a good portion of our clothing growing up. I’m talking about a mom who didn’t always need a pattern – she could see stuff and make it. She had her sewing machine, which came with the table, in her bedroom and rarely would a weekend pass that my mom didn’t fire it up. She’d pull out her cutting board, which was a trifold that would stretch across the living room floor and begin to cut. I grew up hearing words like pinking shears, on the bias, and with the grain. However, regrettably, even though there was a master seamstress in the house, I never learned to sew myself. I just didn’t think it was “sew” cool like I do now.

So, I find myself learning to sew on my own now. Slowly trudging along with the basics. I have a very basic sewing machine to practice with.

IMG_4460 (640x480)

Last week I walked into a Joann’s clueless and lost. After getting help from other customers, I purchased the basic supplies like scissors (yeah, that’s a must), rotary cutter, cutting mat, thread, needles, and so on.

IMG_4457 (480x640)

I also purchased clearance fabric. I figured that if I mess up, I may as well flush as little money down the drain as possible.

IMG_4469 (640x345)

I have a spare room in my house that I began to turn into a craft/ sewing room. However, the interior designer in me is already concocting design ideas for it and really, I’m having a hard time not wanting to design the room before learning to sew. Must restrain myself.

IMG_4455 (640x428)

Update 8/5/11:  This room has now been transformed.

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