Starting with Pillows

I decided on my first sewing project… pillows!   After all, that’s the first thing they teach you during home economics class in middle school.  Surely, I can make pillows!

I read up on my sewing machine manual and learned to thread the machine.  I then cut the fabric, which happens to be fabric I bought on clearance the day before, so the expense would be minimal if I made mistakes.  I also happened to have stuffing, (if that is the correct sewing term) for pillows from when I ever so skillfully take fabric to my seamstress so she can make stuff for me. 

IMG_4478 (586x640)

Following this tutorial, I sewed around the edges about 5/8 of an inch in, cut the corners, flipped them over, stuffed them and hand sewed the remaining opening in order to close them up.   Here is what I made so far.  Well, I actually made two of the circle prints.  I bought quarters of cotton for those.

IMG_4475 (640x480)

Note that in the photo above, they are all slightly different sizes.  I didn’t exactly measure.  I’ll have to work on that!  But, not too bad for the first time.  I am actually already using some of them.  I put two on the guest bed:

IMG_4482 (640x341)

Then, I placed another on a chair in the family room.

IMG_4485 (480x640)

Will post about where I placed the black and white one later.

Off to a good start!  But, so much more to learn!

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