Story Boards for the Master

I could go with yellow accents in the master or I could use purple as an accent color.   (The background color is our wall color.)


Or, we could go with purple.


Any thoughts?


  1. I'm all about the yellow….especially with spring coming up!


  2. sarah, flourish design + style

    Oh gosh.. that's a tough one, they both look amazing! x

  3. Love a good story…board. And, purple too!

  4. Although I adore purple, I think the yellow adds lots of energy to the space! Both are great though. Thanks for the comment on my guest post today at Simplified Bee (:

  5. I love them both! I think I might go with the yellow though, since it is almost spring! I probably would have chosen the purple if asked in the fall! lol

  6. Purple is my favorite color, but I think I'd have to go with the yellow – it looks much more sophisticated and chic.

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