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An Homage to Genevieve

Okay, so back in the day, I was a huge fan of Trading Spaces.  There is one episode that I will never forget…  the one where Genevieve Gorder (photo below) put moss on the walls of a bedroom!  Do you remember it, too?  It is forever seared in my brain.

Though she is adorable and quirky enough to roll around on roller skates on air (and just that makes me love her), I didn’t like her moss wall.  Ick!  (She has redeemed herself quite a bit on her new show, Letters to Genevieve, though.)

Well, moss is all the rage right now!  It’s everywhere…

As carpets.


As headboards.


On chairs.

On signs.

On tables.


And, though I’d never put it on my walls, I do like it on letters.  There are several diy tutorials floating around out there about putting moss on a 3d letter that you can buy at a craft store.  It looks something like this:






I love the green that it can bring into a space.  The life!  I have my eye on this diy project.  Just need to find some wall space for it! 

Have you done it?  Do you have any special tips?

Following Other Blogs

We all like to follow other blogs.  But does your feed look a little like mine?


I have 269 updates from the blogs that I follow that I have NOT read yet.  Eek. 

Maybe I should follow less blogs?  But they are all sooo good.  I tried to narrow it down some.

But, alas, I can’t keep up.  How do you do it?   

Story Boards – Why and What

First some quick blog housekeeping – Just wanted to let you guys know that I added a search bar and some tabs for other pages at the top.  I am still working to fully populate the pages.   For instance, I need to write more under About Me, but I not big on writing about myself… so gotta get motivated.  But, I did finish up the Services/ E-Design tab today. 

The fun part was adding some thumbnails of story boards that I’ve made in the past.  I provide story boards for e-design clients as well as for in person clients.  Some people call them design boards or inspiration boards.





What are story boards?   Why make them? 

You may have seen the top right one on my blog before.  It’s my own story board for my master bedroom.  It has served as my visual design plan for the room.  Most elements are taken literally, while a few have been mere inspiration, such as the rosette pillow.  I went with another purple pillow in the end.  I also didn’t get that exact chair, instead I made my own diy version of that chair.

Story boards help the client answer the questions, what will this design plan/ floor plan look like as it pertains to colors and actual pieces of furniture?  How will these elements work together? 

On story boards, I many times place a few of the existing elements that I must work with as well as new elements to be added to the room.  For instance, on my master bedroom story board, the sofa was an actual photo of the sofa in the room, so is the mirror.  That way, clients can see how it all works together.  Other times, I may only put the new elements on the story board. 

Typically, the background color is the wall color or at least part of the wall color (there could be wainscotting, chair rail, other colors, etc).

And, guess what, readers!  When I reach 200 followers, I plan to celebrate by giving away one free e-design package to a lucky follower, for a room of their choice! 


Adding a bit of Spring to the Kitchen

IMG_4927 (640x450)

I wanted to make our kitchen/ dining space more springy.  So, I spray painted a bunch of black stuff white.   White always adds a certain crispness which lends itself to spring.

Below you see the dessert rack and tray being painted.  I also painted picture frames.  I wanted to keep this low cost and use what I have.

IMG_4809 (640x452)

Then, I recovered the seats of the chairs with a blue, green and tan stripe, and recovered the lamp shades with a blue.  Both are actually outdoor fabrics.


The kitchen before is below.   It is the after from yesterday.  You can see the green apple as the centerpiece, the table runner I had made, the black lamp shades, the black frames, the seat cushions.

IMG_3531 (640x480)

The black dessert rack.

IMG_3535 (640x480)

And now, after a few small changes, here it is.   The idea is simplicity.

Some flowers for the table.

IMG_4921 (474x640)

Put the yellow tulips in some old cream bottles that I actually bought cream in from Whole Foods.

IMG_4927 (640x450)

IMG_4924 (557x640)

Some flowers for the counter.

IMG_4884 (495x640)blog

Dessert rack in white.

IMG_4900 (640x465)

Makings of a vignette on the built in buffet area.  One lamp shade short.

IMG_4872 (481x640)

Blue lamp shades.

IMG_4931 (640x402)

Just wanted to let you in on a fairly quick revamp!  What do you think?

What are you doing to liven things up?

If you stop by a lot, I encourage you to “follow” my blog by clicking follow on the upper right.   Thanks so much for visiting!

Kitchen Evolution – Before and After

Thought I’d introduce you all to our kitchen. 

Before I share the tiny little changes I’ve made to make our kitchen feel more “energetic” and “springy,” I thought I’d take you through the original before and after photos.
When we first viewed this house before buying it, it looked like this (see below.)  The former owners had done their thing with the kitchen.  Gold walls and lots of brown.

BEFORE (previous owners)

kitch before

The builders beige was still on the walls, but only downstairs. 

kitch before 3

The builders light fixtures were still there as well.  The home was 3 years old at this point.

kitch before 2

AFTER (after we purchased the home and moved in)

So, after actually buying the home, we immediately painted.  In the end, to improve the kitchen, we painted, moved our furniture in, changed the light fixtures, made cornice boards, and added our touch.  These photos were taken about six months ago.



A view from the family room.


We have since replaced the black dishwasher with a stainless dishwasher.


Tomorrow, Iwill show you the small, simple things I’m in the process of doing to the space for spring.

By the way, I’m guest posting at A Blonde’s DIY Life today.

New Business Cards

I got my new business cards that I ordered on Etsy from sweetbeaker!  Love them!  Here is an image of the cards she makes from her online shop.  I first saw these on Elsa Greer’s blog. 

Chevron Calling Cards

And, here are mine!


Aren’t they awesome!?   I blurred the phone number out – don’t worry, they didn’t come messed up.  Just thought that’d be the safe internet thing to do.

Got My Pillows for the Master!

Two good things.  My pillows arrived!  And, I hit over 100 followers!

I also just had my one month blogging anniversary.  Really fun so far!  However, I still feel kind of lost at times and am very much so still learning!

So, the pillows are great.  They look just like the photos on etsy. 

Amy at decoYellow on did a great job!  Here is the photo of the blue and white chevron pillow from her shop.

FREE SHIPPING - Nautical Navy and White - Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover - Any Size - Any Color

I got two of these. 

Then, I wanted a felt lumbar pillow with a monogram on it.  I found one on etsy for $65.  We all know felt is not costly, so why would I pay that much for a monogrammed felt pillow that I could pretty much just make myself if I wanted to take the time? 

So, I asked Amy if she could make it.  Even though it wasn’t something she listed at her etsy shop, she said YES!  And, for less than half the price of the first one I found.  She was so great to work with!

Here it is:

IMG_4855 (640x421)

Looks great and I got to choose the font! 

So, the next pillow on my storyboard was…


The pillow made from Robert Allen’s vintage blossom fabric in jade.

Ordered it from Pillow Mio on etsy.

IMG_4858 (566x640)

And, now, here they are all together on my floor.

IMG_4848 (640x281)

The back pillows are 18×18 while the front lumbar pillow is 12×18.

The master bedroom is coming together.  It won’t be precisely like the story board, but it’s just for inspiration anyway.  Stay tuned – there should be a master bedroom reveal coming in a couple of weeks!

Evernote is my Secret Weapon

Ever feel like you cannot keep track of where you saw what?  Ever spend way too much time finding things again?  Feel disorganized?

How do I keep track of design things?  I use Evernote as my database. 

It’s a free program that you can download, though I choose to pay for the premium version so I can have the extra space.

How does it help me?

You can “clip” anything from any website and it saves the URL and image or text in the program’s database as a note.  Each note can then be tagged with key words like colors, textures, designers, type of item. 

Then, it’s all fully searchable! 

Below is an actual screen shot of my Evernote program.  In this screen shot, I have clicked on my “Pillows” folder and you can see there is  a list of pillows that I’ve clipped from various sites.  To the right is more detail on whichever one you click on.  I can easily click the link and go back to the source I got it from or use that information to site the source when blogging or working with a client.

I’m all for anything that helps me have to remember less!


I currently have over 3000 items in Evernote and add more every day!  It’s truly my secret weapon!

Try it out!

Note:  I do not work for Evernote, nor am I paid by them in any way.  Smile