Adding a bit of Spring to the Kitchen

IMG_4927 (640x450)

I wanted to make our kitchen/ dining space more springy.  So, I spray painted a bunch of black stuff white.   White always adds a certain crispness which lends itself to spring.

Below you see the dessert rack and tray being painted.  I also painted picture frames.  I wanted to keep this low cost and use what I have.

IMG_4809 (640x452)

Then, I recovered the seats of the chairs with a blue, green and tan stripe, and recovered the lamp shades with a blue.  Both are actually outdoor fabrics.


The kitchen before is below.   It is the after from yesterday.  You can see the green apple as the centerpiece, the table runner I had made, the black lamp shades, the black frames, the seat cushions.

IMG_3531 (640x480)

The black dessert rack.

IMG_3535 (640x480)

And now, after a few small changes, here it is.   The idea is simplicity.

Some flowers for the table.

IMG_4921 (474x640)

Put the yellow tulips in some old cream bottles that I actually bought cream in from Whole Foods.

IMG_4927 (640x450)

IMG_4924 (557x640)

Some flowers for the counter.

IMG_4884 (495x640)blog

Dessert rack in white.

IMG_4900 (640x465)

Makings of a vignette on the built in buffet area.  One lamp shade short.

IMG_4872 (481x640)

Blue lamp shades.

IMG_4931 (640x402)

Just wanted to let you in on a fairly quick revamp!  What do you think?

What are you doing to liven things up?

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  1. That looks very nice.
    White and fresh flowers always worked;)
    Lovely greetings…

  2. I like it, did you think about changing the valance?

  3. hypheninteriors

    I have, but I wanted to keep it low cost. The cornice boards actually still look great in the room, with the added black and white. I should post a close up photo. The fabric is Waverly Lattice Caviar.

    I'm sure I'll change them at some point, though. But, since I just made them a year ago, they are going to have to stay for now. But, that would likely be my next quick update.

  4. Lani @ Diapers and Divas

    I think it looks great! It's just those little details that make a big impact. Kinda makes me want to go grab my can of spray paint and get springy with it…. :)

  5. Sarah @ living with mold illness

    Love the new changes and the simplicity of it all, great job!

  6. Something Nice and Pretty

    Hi Kristy,
    I love your springy kitchen and those creamer jars are adorable, great idea to save them!

    I've been going thur your posts and came upon the one on Evernote and thought it was a great site so I downloaded it but can't figure out how to place an image/photo on it. I've went to there help page but it doesn't say how to get the picture from one site to evernote. Another thing I do have my first note on titled Master Bedroom…fine but when I went to type more to my list to do's it won't let me type more on it since I guess it saved it. I just wondered if you could help?

    Thanks Rondell

  7. Carol@TheDesignPages

    Such simple changes but boy, do they have a big impact. I love the new, fresh look!!

  8. Swirls of Happy

    I love revamping quickly by just spray painting, and White always seems to make things feel fresh and clean! Nice job :)

  9. elizabeth@themustardceiling

    Fresh flowers always help brighten a space and make it "springy." I like your subtle changes.

  10. Tammy @ Type A

    looks great, love your kitchen

  11. Denise at PinkPostcard.

    super cute! Love the wall color! :)

  12. I LOVE your kitchen! I was wondering what paint colors you used?

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