Chevron – Trend Alert!

Chevron?  Like the gas station?  No, silly.  Though an old Chevron gas station sign may be a cool flea market find, I am talking about the pattern chevron.

I’ve heard a few say they are sick of it as it’s showing up in magazines and home more and more, but I am still in love with the chevron pattern.  Another name for it is the zig zag and it is similar to herringbone design.

It adds such a great punch in a room and the pattern is fairly neutral for the sexes.

Here it is in various forms and colors.

Painted flooring.








Dining chairs.



ironing board cover.

Ironing board cover.







Charlie Brown.

Where will you add Chevron?  I already have plans!!


  1. I heart chevron prints. It's in my bedroom (curtains), living room (pillows) and I'm realllllly thinking it's going to in the dining room too!

  2. Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    I love it on the floor…I need a new area rug…hmmmm :)

  3. nancy @ {COZAMIA}

    Me too, don't think I'll ever get sick of it ! Still want a chevron rug.

  4. lovely images! greetings from Germany

  5. Kimberly Moore

    I think I'll always be a fan of the chevron pattern! It is so timeless. It is true…it's everywhere! I think the key is to just not go overboard with it. I painted the chevron onto a canvas board a while back and it is the perfect amount for me!

  6. Elizabeth@themustardceiling

    Love the chevron rug in that bedroom…gorgeous. I just found your blog, can't wait to read more.

  7. Oh I am also loving the chevron…
    looks so cool and can be made look chic too,
    not easy to blend with other pieces but definitely worth the time getting pieces that would look good with this pattern:)

  8. Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle

    It's a fun pattern, yes, a bit overdone as of late, but bright chevron pillows and rugs will, IMO, always be a great addition to room used by children so I'd have no qualms adding a touch through accessories.

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