Craigslist Find (Round Table) and Furniture Redo

Another piece I needed for the master bedroom redo was an end table.  I thought at first I wanted a mirrored end table and while that would look good, I didn’t want to overdo it on the silver.  So, I thought that a round table that I can spray paint a glossy white would be best. 

I didn’t find much at local stores.  So, off to Craigslist I went.  I found a round black end table.  $75.  Nice lines.  Good potential. 


We picked it up that afternoon. 

Now to paint it!

I started by sanding it down to remove the shiny finish so that the new paint could stick.  I then cleaned off the dust and was ready to paint. 

The initial painting was done using Rustoleum’s White Lacquer paint.  It should give a very shiny finish.  I’ve used the black lacquer spray paint on frames before. 

Here we are after the first two light coats.


It’s getting white.  However, six coats later (even sanding between coats), it just wasn’t working too well.  It was splotchy with shinier spots in some areas.  I tried to capture this issue in the photo below. 

IMG_4631 (546x640)

After talking to the paint guy at Lowe’s (I love Lowe’s), I figured it out.  He said this was the only non-oil based spray paint and as a result, it dries so fast that it cannot go on evenly.  Yep, that was happening. 

IMG_4634 (516x640)

I got the stuff on the left.  I should have gotten the stuff on the right.  It’s oil based.

Because I already had six coats of paint on the table, we opted for a different solution.

Instead, we used a top layer of brush on lacquer.  It is basically a shiny clear coat.  This made it all shiny.  It looks awesome now:

IMG_4639 (568x640)

It’s smooth like glass!  Yay!  But, you will want to wear a mask when working with this stuff.  The chemical smell is overpowering.

Lesson learned – if you are going to paint furniture with a glossy/ shiny finish, don’t use lacquer spray paint.  Use an oil based spray paint or a top coat of brush on lacquer.

Now to put it in the master bedroom


  1. nancy @ {COZAMIA}

    What a great find! It looks perfect in glossy white…thanks for the tips :)

  2. That is a great finish, and thanks for the great tip.

  3. I am looking to do this to a couple of vintage pieces to use as fixtures in a children's store. In researching brush on lacquers, some of them say they can't be put over paint because the chemicals may cause it to bubble the finish. Can you advise?? Which kind did you use? Your table looks fantastic!!

  4. Hyphen Interiors

    I'm not sure about possible bubbling, but I can say I had no bubbling at all. It comes in a quart sized paint can and you can get it at Lowe's on the shelf behind the paint counter, with all of the varnishes and stains. The brand is DEFT. It says "Clear Wood Finish… Gloss Brushing Lacquer." Hope that helps!

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