Craigslist Find–Wingback Chair

**3/25/11 – Update:  See the finished chair here.**

So, I knew I needed a wingback chair for the master bedroom.  I recently blogged about how expensive it could get to find the right chair, as I want not just a wingback chair, but it needs to be a nice teal color according to the story board I created.  That post was about the idea of painting fabric after learning that buying a new chair was at least $1000 and having an old one re-upholstered was at least $500 total.

Off to Craigslist I went… daily searching for the right wingback chair.  After a week or two, I found a Schweiger chair that was owned by a lady’s grandmother, yet never used as it sat in the formal living room.  And, at a great price point.

However, it was located almost an hour and a half away.  I didn’t have that sort of time in my schedule.  So, I contacted the seller and she was nice enough to meet me half way!

I saw the chair and fell in love.  It is in perfect condition.

IMG_4613 (640x480)

It has such nice lines.  The legs have cross bars which makes it more charming.

Up close, you can see the paint chip sitting in the seat of the chair.  I hope to paint it this color…  starting with one pillow to see how it goes.

IMG_4612 (480x640)

I just love her… she’s so pretty.  And, in that color, she should look amazing.  I hope this painting thing works.

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  1. Sarah@livingwithmoldillness

    Nice find on the chair! The color will look amazing, I hope it works out just fine! Happy Painting:)

  2. Can't wait to see how the paint turns out & what an awesome find!

  3. Jade Creative

    I'm curious to find out how your painted chair turns out. I'll be following.
    If you have some sewing experience, you could with a little or a lot of patience make a slip cover.

  4. Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    Oh it's so fabulous!
    The lines on it are beautiful!

  5. ⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜

    Hi there, glad you linked up. Great finds indeed. Have fun!

  6. That is a really nice find. I'm visiting from the newbie party and am a new follower. Good luck with the painting.

  7. i just read your post of painting the chair yesterday and today i was at my favorite antique and saw TWO of this EXACT chair for $59 each! the same type of fabric…only orange! i looked and debated and looked and debated and finally left without them…but i am thinking i may go back! you inspire me! :)

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