Evernote is my Secret Weapon

Ever feel like you cannot keep track of where you saw what?  Ever spend way too much time finding things again?  Feel disorganized?

How do I keep track of design things?  I use Evernote as my database. 

It’s a free program that you can download, though I choose to pay for the premium version so I can have the extra space.

How does it help me?

You can “clip” anything from any website and it saves the URL and image or text in the program’s database as a note.  Each note can then be tagged with key words like colors, textures, designers, type of item. 

Then, it’s all fully searchable! 

Below is an actual screen shot of my Evernote program.  In this screen shot, I have clicked on my “Pillows” folder and you can see there is  a list of pillows that I’ve clipped from various sites.  To the right is more detail on whichever one you click on.  I can easily click the link and go back to the source I got it from or use that information to site the source when blogging or working with a client.

I’m all for anything that helps me have to remember less!


I currently have over 3000 items in Evernote and add more every day!  It’s truly my secret weapon!

Try it out!

Note:  I do not work for Evernote, nor am I paid by them in any way.  Smile


  1. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style

    I really need to try this. Thanks for the info.

  2. Carrie @ Hazardous Design

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Danielle {freshquince}

    Thanks for the tip…my starred pages are just not doing it for me anymore.

  4. I love Evernote! Have you tried Pinterest? I'm addicted to Pinterest and have come across really cool things on there as well.

  5. Hyphen Interiors

    Yes! Pinterest is similar, but not as searchable. Love it, though. I just browse it sometimes rather than really using it for a tool.

  6. Lani @ Diapers and Divas

    Totally genius. Going to check it out now! I was just thinking how my "favorites" tab is totally overrun and disorganized!

  7. Great tip. I use Pinterest too, but I'm not totally sold on it. I'll check out Evernote today.

  8. Hi Kristy this is Ron from Evernote. thanks so much for sharing how you use our app. We really appreciate all of the support, glad to hear that it is working out so well for you. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

  9. Might have to give this a try. Right now I use Bookmarks all the time & that works pretty well for me. Always nice to meet another Arizonan. We are soon to be moving to Gilbert. I'm a new follower & hope you might follow back.

  10. Just found your blog via Modern Jane – am excited to read through! I wanted to say, though, that I also LOVE Evernote. It has seriously changed my life. I keep track of design-y stuff, but it is also fabulous for keeping track of online recipes if you like to cook. :)

  11. Chandeen @ Designed by Chance

    This program sounds great. I'm constantly looking for hings I have seen or wanting to use images but not wanting to copy the url. I'm going to check this out.

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