Final Reveal of Painted Upholstery Chair!

It is complete!!

If you have been following along on the painting of the upholstered wing back chair, here is the final reveal of the chair.

Since the last post about the chair, I painted the legs white, put another coat of paint on and added nail head trim.


IMG_4611 (640x480)


IMG_4793 (465x640)

Cost:  $60 for the chair, $15 of fabric medium, $15 of latex paint (only used 1/4 of a quart), $15 of acrylic paint, for a total of $105.
What do you think? 

We’re loving it! 

On Wednesday I will be taking you step by step through the entire process.


  1. Infatuated with Homes and Gardens

    This is great, better than a new chair:)

  2. livingwithmoldillness

    This does truly take your breath away! Every time I look at it, I cannot believe the transformation. You did a fabulous job, it is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Emily@LovelyBeasts

    Beautiful. It looks so different with the painted legs and I love the fabric on the pillow. I just bought similar fabric but with a smaller pattern. Guess we think alike! :)

    Amazing job Kristy!

  4. Beautiful! Love the detail of the nail head trim – just makes the chair!

  5. I really love this. Great idea, I am not sure that I have heard of this before. You're

  6. Kim@Chattafabulous

    This is amazing, and I have a pair of thrift store chairs in lemon yellow velvet that has seen better days. Please take me step by step. I want to try it!

  7. Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

    OH MY WORD!!! Kristy! That turned out terrific! The difference the white legs make is phenomenal!
    Do you know, I just remembered I have two wingback chairs that have a slipcover on then but were originally mauve. (One is stored in the attic and another at my daughter's apartment)I bet this technique would work on them. I sending your link to my daughter right now! She'll be so excited!

  8. Your chair looks fantastic. Love the makeover!

  9. Wow! I like it! Love the color. The last time I saw someone paint upholstery was on Trading Spaces a really long time ago. It did not turn out well. Great job!
    Your newest follower!

  10. Denise at PinkPostcard.

    This really turned out beautiful Kristy! Nice job :)

  11. Beautiful transformation. I am dying for wingback chairs. I keep looking through thriftstores. I haven't found anything yet. I can't wait to see your tutorial Wednesday. Did you reupholster it yourself?

  12. Oh my goodness, I just looked back through and saw where you painted the upholstery, I have to check that out. I have never heard of that.

  13. Wow, cant wait to see how you did it.

  14. Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle

    What a pretty shade of teal. Great call adding the nailhead trim too. Did you just tape off the area when painting the legs like you would tape trim when painting walls.

  15. Hyphen Interiors

    Great question, Karen. That's not something I talk about a ton in Wednesday's tutorial… so… yes, I did wrape the chair in plastic (like when you are moving) and taped the edges. Sprayed the legs. Then, took the tape and plastic off and did the last coat of paint on the upholstery after the legs were dry.

  16. Naomi@DesignManifest

    Wow the white legs really make it look so fresh!!


  17. That's fabulous! I'm just finding you now so maybe I missed it in a previous post, but does the fabric stay soft after it's painted or does it get hard and crusty? love the color! Would love it if you came and visited me some time!

  18. Hyphen Interiors

    Natalie, I used fabric medium with it to keep it from getting crunchy. I'm going to talk more about the process on Wednesday. Thanks so much for the comment! (Of course, email me if you need to know anything before then.)

  19. The color is beautiful! I'm looking forward to learning more about the process.

  20. Joy @ Thrifty Parsonage Living

    Your chair looks beautiful! I can see why you posted it as a risk at Nesting Place linky party.

  21. Richmond Thrifter

    WOW!!! What a great idea! Cant wait to see the tutorial!

  22. holy smokes, I cannot believe you painted that! Now I'm definitely coming back tomorrow for the tute. Can't wait to find out how you did it!

  23. Something Nice and Pretty

    It's gorgeous, love the white painted legs on it, I found you at the nesters and I'm now a follower!
    I have to know how you did this and will be back!


  24. Wow, what an awesome idea!!! It turned out wonderfully and the white legs really pop! (Found you from Nester's linky party)

  25. Kimberly Moore

    Looks beautiful!!! Great job. I love the fabric you chose!

  26. That looks amazing! I'm so jealous right now. Love it!

  27. letterstoliney

    Love the color and I can't wait for a the tutorial tomorrow. I have heard about painting fabric but unsure of the texture. Will definitely be back to check out all the details. Amazing risk!

  28. Jane @ The Borrowed Abode

    This is awesome, and it looks gorgeous! I'm considering using latex paint on some secondhand chairs that are on our back porch, but will do it without the fabric medium because I want a rubbery finish. Fingers crossed. . .

  29. So amazing!! I love the white legs.. totally completes the transformation! So so great!

  30. Oh my goodness! I do love it! We are in such desperate needs of some chairs like this. I'm so jealous!

  31. At The Picket Fence

    Kristy, I didn't think it could possibly get any better but your finished product is absolutely stunning! You truly did an amazing job!

  32. Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File

    Wowza!!! I'm super impressed!!! It is fabulous!!! Can't wait for the full tutorial!

  33. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage

    Hi Kristy! Your chair looks absolutely fantastic!! I love the color of the fabric and paired with the white legs and the nail heads- AMAZING!!!! Hope you will come share this at the party this week!! You did a great job!! Thanks for letting me know about it- I love it!! :)

  34. alison@MyLittleHappyPlace

    Well, HELLO! I'm always thrilled to find a fellow Texan and Longhorn on the blogs – especially when they have taste as fab as yours! You ROCKED that chair – kudos!!

  35. Wow, that IS risky! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Do u have a tutorial for this???

  36. Hyphen Interiors

    Thanks for the comment!! The tutorial comes out in the morning, bright and early! So, please check back.

  37. Wow! I was linked over from Modern Jane, and I love the transformation. I have a wing chair exactly like this that I was debating having re-upholstered. I can't wait for the tutorial!

  38. Little Lovables

    Love it! I have a chair I am needing to do this too, same colors as well!

  39. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!}

    this is crazy amazing!!! can't wait to read the tutorial!!!!!

    great job!

  40. I'm definitely coming back tomorrow to see how you did this…AMAZING! I love this transformation & it opens up so many possibilities! Thanks for sharing! (Found you through The Nester's party.)

  41. Absolutely love!!!!!!!!! the final product! So inspirational, I'm going to try it with mine–I'll let you know how it turns out! Thanks for sharing!

  42. treetopstudio

    This is AMAZING. Please, oh please, tell us how you did it. I already have my eye on a certain despised chair in my living room. I can't wait to hear all the details. I am definitely trying this one at home.

    P.S. The color is a knock-out!

  43. Sara @ Russet Street Reno

    It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I can't believe you painted that chair, I will be eating up your tutorial tomorrow!

  44. Jen of MadeByGirl

    what a BIG difference it makes, looks FANTASTIC! :))))

  45. I love the chair!! I stumbled upon your website looking to see how to paint furniture and I hope to do this with a Craiglist find myself! BTW, where did you get that lovely rug from?!?! Do tell!! Thanks!

  46. Can you tell me what brand of medium you used? I’ve decided to try this and having read some people have great results while others don’t, I thought I’d try to follow your instructions as closely as possible.

    I have a fake suede headboard that I intend to reupholster. I thought it would be a perfect piece to try painting because if I don’t love it, no problem, I was going to reupholster it anyway. If I do, then great, I saved the cost of the fabric and can try some other projects.

  47. I’ve always loved this project. I finally have a chair I can try painting. Although the fabric seems pretty challenging. Anyhoo…for now I’ve posted a pic of your completed project here.

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