Following Other Blogs

We all like to follow other blogs.  But does your feed look a little like mine?


I have 269 updates from the blogs that I follow that I have NOT read yet.  Eek. 

Maybe I should follow less blogs?  But they are all sooo good.  I tried to narrow it down some.

But, alas, I can’t keep up.  How do you do it?   


  1. - - Little Miss Martha - -

    I just go through the blogs I follow on blogspot, but I'm sure I miss some! I love that folder set up you have! How does that work?!?

  2. Girl, mine looks exactly like that……but I love them ALL- including yours! xoxo Shelli from alamode

  3. Hyphen Interiors

    Little Miss Martha – Here is a link to how you would set it up to view your feeds in Outlook.

  4. I use google reader and it's always full… which is nice though. I find that I'm checking it a few times a day to stay caught up… and it's so worth it! :)

  5. tale of many cities

    just try to run through them, a couple of times a day. i gave up pressuring myself to read & comment on every single blog i follow, everyday. it's an impossible fete.. if you wanna get anything else done! :)

  6. I don't have a system either. My schedule is so unpredictable, there is just no freakin' way I could keep up. I love them all!

    The…Late, Young Family

  7. I love google reader for this reason! I just go through and check out what people are doing and make a new tab for each that I want to comment on. Yeah I check it twice a day and I should be doing other things :)

  8. MMB Creations

    Sometimes I just have to "mark as read" everything older than one day. I just get overloaded.

  9. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    Oh my gosh, my google rader is never below 1,000! Apparently I like a lot of blogs :-)

    But I do try to simplify and clean it out sometimes. There are just too many imspiring things out there!

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