Got My Pillows for the Master!

Two good things.  My pillows arrived!  And, I hit over 100 followers!

I also just had my one month blogging anniversary.  Really fun so far!  However, I still feel kind of lost at times and am very much so still learning!

So, the pillows are great.  They look just like the photos on etsy. 

Amy at decoYellow on did a great job!  Here is the photo of the blue and white chevron pillow from her shop.

FREE SHIPPING - Nautical Navy and White - Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover - Any Size - Any Color

I got two of these. 

Then, I wanted a felt lumbar pillow with a monogram on it.  I found one on etsy for $65.  We all know felt is not costly, so why would I pay that much for a monogrammed felt pillow that I could pretty much just make myself if I wanted to take the time? 

So, I asked Amy if she could make it.  Even though it wasn’t something she listed at her etsy shop, she said YES!  And, for less than half the price of the first one I found.  She was so great to work with!

Here it is:

IMG_4855 (640x421)

Looks great and I got to choose the font! 

So, the next pillow on my storyboard was…


The pillow made from Robert Allen’s vintage blossom fabric in jade.

Ordered it from Pillow Mio on etsy.

IMG_4858 (566x640)

And, now, here they are all together on my floor.

IMG_4848 (640x281)

The back pillows are 18×18 while the front lumbar pillow is 12×18.

The master bedroom is coming together.  It won’t be precisely like the story board, but it’s just for inspiration anyway.  Stay tuned – there should be a master bedroom reveal coming in a couple of weeks!


  1. Mandi Smith T

    They look fantastic! Gotta love etsy! M.

  2. natasha {schue love}

    Super cute combo! Still trying to come up with my own for my master! :)

  3. Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair

    What a great pillow combo! Love the monogram "S" for Swain!

  4. A Vintage Vine

    Looking good!!! Glad you found it at a better price! Keep us posted on the room!

  5. The pillows look great. Nice combo. Looking forward to the reveal. I'm a follower & would love to have you follow back if you aren't already.

  6. Great choices! Love the dark blue? My living and dining room are going to have a touch of blue in them! Cant wait to check these etsy stores:0))) Thanks for visting my blog!

  7. Tia Brumbelow

    Wow! Great Pillows =) I just saw your guest post over at a Blond'es DIY Life and love your blog! New follower over here =)

  8. Kristy I love the story board for this room and can't wait to see it completed! I'm glad the pillows worked out and that you are happy with them…I LOVE to see what people do with them after I drop them in the mail! Thanks again, I'll keep following!

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