An Homage to Genevieve

Okay, so back in the day, I was a huge fan of Trading Spaces.  There is one episode that I will never forget…  the one where Genevieve Gorder (photo below) put moss on the walls of a bedroom!  Do you remember it, too?  It is forever seared in my brain.

Though she is adorable and quirky enough to roll around on roller skates on air (and just that makes me love her), I didn’t like her moss wall.  Ick!  (She has redeemed herself quite a bit on her new show, Letters to Genevieve, though.)

Well, moss is all the rage right now!  It’s everywhere…

As carpets.


As headboards.


On chairs.

On signs.

On tables.


And, though I’d never put it on my walls, I do like it on letters.  There are several diy tutorials floating around out there about putting moss on a 3d letter that you can buy at a craft store.  It looks something like this:






I love the green that it can bring into a space.  The life!  I have my eye on this diy project.  Just need to find some wall space for it! 

Have you done it?  Do you have any special tips?


  1. Simple Dwellings

    I remember that episode!! That poor family that had to remove all the moss from the wall! But I also love Genevieve and used to love Trading Spaces back in the day! I haven't tried this DIY yet, but I do love all types of greenery using letters! I've also seen it around the holidays, using evergreen!

  2. Ashly@Moon Walk

    I love her too!

  3. Sarah @ living with mold illness

    I love Genevieve, but moss in the house?! Doesn't seem like a good idea. I think it would look wonderful on a door with the letter of your last name, for example, or at Christmas time indoors …but only for that season.

  4. Kristy, as soon as you said there was one episode you would never forget, that one came to mind for me. Even before I got to the part where you mentioned the moss. My Mom and I call her "Moss Girl" because we will never, ever, ever forget that episode! I think everyone who saw it, will forever remember that horrid wall hahaha!!

    But yes… Letters to Genevieve has totally made up for that disaster and I would completely trust her in my home these days! :)

  5. The Adventures of Ordy and Joon

    Fun post! thanks for featuring me!! I don't have any wall space- so it's on my front door like a wreath and i LOVE it! I now direct my guests with, "the house with the "P" moss on the door!"

  6. tale of many cities

    oh i remember that one!! we thought she had lost her mind!! LOL still think that wasn't the right way to use it.. but admire her spunk and courage! i do however, love the monograms ala moss! :)

  7. A Vintage Vine

    She did an episode a while back, a house in NJ..I could die to live in that house!!! Can you imagine waking up to moss in your bed….no, double no!
    Good luck with your project!

  8. I bought a letter from Michaels and sheet moss from the dollar store: $3.49 invested. My glue gun & I got going and ugh!!!!!! total fail!. I blame the sheet moss for some of it. It seemed very dry and cracked better then it wrapped. Also I was covering an M and the space to snip the moss between the uprights of the M were very tight. peeled it all off and abandoned the project.

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