Injection of Navy? / Sneak Peek of Bench

I’ve been working on my master bedroom.  It’s time to hone in on the pillows.  I’m considering injecting navy in the form of two large scale chevron pillows on the bed and a geometric lumbar pillow on the chair.  See below.  (Click on each pic for a larger view.)  I’d love to hear your thoughts, as I’m still in the contemplation stage, though we all know how impatient I am.

Notice the new bench!


And, the story board would be tweaked as follows.  The sage blue vintage blossom (bird) pillow in the middle of the bed is also something I’m contemplating adding.  This would mean subtracting the pillows that were on the bed in the previous images.  On the sofa would be a purple rosette pillow and a blue pillow.


To remind you, the previous images were:




Which do you prefer?


  1. i like the one with the navy pillows. (:
    -kassi. (:

  2. love the turqouise blue with it. Brightens it up a bit more than Navy

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