Items that I wish I could put in my House

Just some eye candy today.

Sometimes you see things you love and either they don’t go with your current style or you simply do not have a space for them.  Or, perhaps they just are not in your budget.  At the moment, here are some of those things for me, in no certain order:


Is this barn style door not the most eye catching thing ever?  I love the way it slides into position.  And, what a pop of color for the room.  It’s a great solution to a bathroom with no door.


These frames are AMAZING.  Love the lines and the colors.  They’d be great in a craft room or child’s room.


Aren’t they fabulous?  I saw them at Homegoods.  I could use them in the craft room, but would probably be afraid they’d get stained or messed up.  I love the large silver nail head trim. The shape is also wonderful – an updated retro style.  Love them!

butterfly art.

Definitely a Pottery Barn feel, though they are from JC Penney.  Love the old wood, slightly distressed nature of this art


I am still loving Chevron patterns (zig zags).  And, these curtains are no different.  I love the drama they could add to a room.  Etsy is a great resource!


I love this hot pink polka dot bedding.  My husband says no to it, though.   Hot pink will not show up in his bedroom!   Great for a teenager’s room or a room that you just want to add some whimsy to, though!


And, my hubby and I are both in love with this dragon pillow.  It comes in several colors including red, blue and yellow/ gold.  They also have pig ones and bird ones, etc.  Check out this etsy shop!


What a cute idea for a towel rack!  I love it.  I love adding rustic elements like this scale to an otherwise streamlined room.  Fabulous. 


Another great pillow.  I took all of the red out of my house, but I still love red… 


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