Kitchen Evolution – Before and After

Thought I’d introduce you all to our kitchen. 

Before I share the tiny little changes I’ve made to make our kitchen feel more “energetic” and “springy,” I thought I’d take you through the original before and after photos.
When we first viewed this house before buying it, it looked like this (see below.)  The former owners had done their thing with the kitchen.  Gold walls and lots of brown.

BEFORE (previous owners)

kitch before

The builders beige was still on the walls, but only downstairs. 

kitch before 3

The builders light fixtures were still there as well.  The home was 3 years old at this point.

kitch before 2

AFTER (after we purchased the home and moved in)

So, after actually buying the home, we immediately painted.  In the end, to improve the kitchen, we painted, moved our furniture in, changed the light fixtures, made cornice boards, and added our touch.  These photos were taken about six months ago.



A view from the family room.


We have since replaced the black dishwasher with a stainless dishwasher.


Tomorrow, Iwill show you the small, simple things I’m in the process of doing to the space for spring.

By the way, I’m guest posting at A Blonde’s DIY Life today.


  1. Loved the new wall color…
    Your kitchen renovation will be fun and challenging for sure,
    do share more photos.

  2. Wow! It is amazing how much a little paint, some great stainless pieces and dark furniture did for your kitchen! I am envious that you can seat 8 people in the kitchen – what a wonderfully welcoming space!

  3. It looks so much better. I can't wait until we paint over all of the builder's beige paint in our home…including the kitchen.

  4. A Vintage Vine

    I like it so far, look forward to what you will do next….I'll go check out your guest post!

  5. tale of many cities

    love that you took the builder's look right out of it! :)

  6. Carol@TheDesignPages

    What a great transformation. It's all in the details, right? Love the fabric, lighting and of course stainless steel appliances:)

  7. Just found your blog through Emily's page (where you guest blogged recently) – loving the transformation you're sharing!

    All the best,
    mb :)

  8. Carrie @ Hazardous Design

    Amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint and a few new furnishings can make! I love the changes you made.

  9. Love your kitchen I saw it on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia! Love your blog too. Can you tell me where you purchased your table. It's exactly what I have been looking for.

  10. Hyphen Interiors

    Amber, I got the table from a place in UT called RC Willey. You may be able to check with them to get the maker's info and then see where else it's sold.

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