Let the Upholstery Painting Begin!

**3/24/11:  Update: I have completed the chair and you can see it and a tutorial here.**

So… It’s time to try to paint upholstery.  I’m a little nervous, but very hopeful.   Here is the wingback chair before.

IMG_4612 (480x640)

I bought textile medium to help the paint remain soft when applied to fabric.  Mixed it with 2 parts paint. 

IMG_4636 (364x640)
Since the chair came with two pillows, I thought it’d be smart to start with them. 

I applied regular Valspar house paint (mixed with textile medium) to the pillow with a regular paint brush. 

Here is the pillow.

IMG_4645 (459x640)

I love the color!  It worked well.  I will have to let it dry for at least 24 hours, though.  So far, it’s a tad rough feeling, but nothing that would stop me from sitting on it. 

I learned to wet the fabric and water down the paint, then do two coats. This helps the natural sheen of the fabric to show through and makes it not so crunchy. 

IMG_4646 (480x640)

This may actually work!  In a few days I’ll start on the chair!    I think I’m still good with going for the whole chair!  (Isn’t she pretty?)

What do you think?!

3/15 – Chair reveal is posted!

Joined a link party at Embellishing Life and The DIY Home Sweet Home Project.


  1. Danika Herrick

    Thanks so much for stopping over! The textile medium is the one thing the store was out of that I wanted to try. Let me knows how it goes and if it feels like fabric. I'll link your results to my post.
    I did see a spray paint made by the same company of the one I used that is for spraying furniture. Love to know if that actually works. That would make "reupholstering" so easy! Good Luck!

  2. Hyphen Interiors

    Danika, I think you are talking about simple spray fabric paint. I've read mixed reviews, but my issue with them was the color range. They only had like 16 colors, so there was no teal… forced me to go this route, but this also may be more controllable, yet slower.

  3. Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair

    That is such a fab chair! The cussion looks great – hope all goes well can't wait to see

  4. Sara @ Russet Street Reno

    Wow, that is insane! I can't wait to see the chair done.

  5. House Revivals

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  6. I love that chair, and the color turned out great on the pillow. Can't wait to see the end result. :)


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