Lighting for the Master – Change of plans (and a sneak peek)

Originally, according to our plan with the story board, we were going to go with something like this purple drum shade hanging over each night stand, by the bed in our master bedroom.


However, with a few pieces purchased and in the room, I am no longer sure that the purple stripe will look great in the room. 
Notice that the cow skin rug is in! Love it!  (The chair is just a place holder…)


Notice the new bedding! 

I could recover a shade – Emily A Clark recently had a tutorial on recovering lamp shades.  That’d save me much money.

Things we were considering –

damasktan. lamp2

stripe2. lamp1

Note:  This one would have to be ordered online and the color says olive/ sage.  So, not sure how that would look in person. It’d be a gamble.

bluetrell.  lamp3

But, then… I saw a slightly more pricey and infinitely more beautiful fixture.


It would look something like this, and would echo the chrome on the bench which will be placed across the room:


A bit like earrings.  What do you think? 

Please see the purple master story board for a full reference.   There will be a bit of purple in the form of 2 pillows and a throw sprinkled in the room.


  1. Yes, Yes and Yes again!!:) These are stunning and will add a definate wow factor to your already beautiful room.

  2. Naomi@DesignManifest

    I don't know… I actually love the taupe stripes!

    And that cowhide is so pretty. Where did you get it from?

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