Little Girl’s Room – My Design Plan

I thought I’d share a plan I created earlier this week for a client. 

My inspiration:

Isn’t he cute?!

Requirements for this 7 year old’s room:
- Must have pink and purple.
- Must have a desk.
- Must have storage.

I would post the before photo, but I do not have permission from the client.

Floor plan I came up with:


In 3d:


Story Board (Click on it for a bigger image): 


Some of my notes are below.

Floor Plan:
· Full size bed.
· Small desk. A sofa table will work, but I propose something like the photo in the story board, as it has drawers and you can paint it to tie in the pink in the pillow.  Alternative is to put the desk in the shelving unit and just use night stands on both sides of the bed.
· Area rug under the foot of the bed to add texture to the room.
· Shelving from floor to ceiling on the wall where the bed is now. The bottom two rows can be closed in with cabinet doors for even more storage options.

Story Board:
So, what will this look like as it pertains to colors and actual pieces of furniture?  The story board shows the main elements that you’d buy and place in the room.  This will give you an idea of what they look like together.  These board can act as a shopping list.

I created a fun, creative, yet luxurious space that can grow with Sidney. The base is purple, but it has accent colors of: hot pink, green, yellow and turquoise.  

- The background color (lavender) would be the color of the walls that the bed nor shelving are on.
· Clear desk chair so it does not take up too much visual space.
· The blue chair ties the curtains in.
· Replace the fan with this chandelier from Overstock.
· The sunburst mirror can go over the chair to the left of the closet, on the short wall.
· The frames can be purchased or painted and can go over the desk. She can put art work or photos of family and friends in them. Another idea for that space is a peg board painted in one of the accent colors.
· The bird can go one of the silver night stands.
· The books and basket are for the shelves.
· The shelves can be purchased at IKEA or custom made. If custom made by a closet company, it may run $1000.
· The polka dots are stick on vinyl decals.
· The yellow square represents the wall color behind the shelves.
· Green is the fabric for a pillow that will go in the blue chair.
· The other pillows will go on the bed.
· Use simple white bedding or another soft solid color.
· I propose an upholstered headboard, perhaps with ivory leather and tufted as seen in the story board.
· The purple monogrammed pillow would have an “s” on it.
· The silver sconces from ZGallerie can be placed on each side of the desk or bed, depending on floor plan. · The sock monkey would make the room! It was my inspiration.  Along with things you place on the shelves, this will bring in some age specific items.

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  1. I love your ideas. My daughter is 7, too. This has definitely given me inspiration for her room!

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