My first Award! Passing it on!

I received the Stylish Blogger Award from sweet Annette at One Perfect Room (thank you so much!). 

As part of receiving the award, you must share 7 random facts about yourself and nominate other bloggers, so here goes.

Seven random tidbits about me:
1) My husband and I love to introduce ourselves to strangers with a big umm, falsehood about our names, who we are, where we are from and what we do for work…  So, I may go with something like – I am Shaniqua from from Alaska, am an Eskimo and for work, I’m a wrestler. Makes people remember you.
2) I have an extra set of ribs.
3) I’ve dressed up as a goth, to live a day in the life. Would like to do more of these experiments. I love human behavior experiments. I enjoy psychology.
4) I worked in  full-time youth ministry for a number of years.
5) I’ve lead an entire restaurant in song before.  No, nothing cool… just Row Row Row Your Boat.
6) I am very allergic to corn and soy, in all forms. So, we don’t eat out.  I am thankful we figured out this was the culprit of some major illness for a while… feeling much better now.
7) I grew up with my own pony named Lightning.  (And, yes, I grew up in Texas.)

In one month of blogging, I’ve already met some fabulous bloggers on here!  I am amazed by that.  Thank you for embracing me.

With that being said, I would like to pass the Stylish blogger award to some of these ladies.   They are not new bogs, but new-ish to me and these ladies have been particularly warm to me.   Thank you!  Check out their sites if you have the time!

And this Stylish Blogger Award goes to:
Cassie at
Emily at
Kristen at
Emily at
Cassity at
Jane at
Denise at
Sonya at
Samantha at
Kirsten at
Elsa at

Thank you all for either writing personal emails and befriending me or for being interested in my blog and saying particularly nice things!  (I am sorry if I left anyone off the list!  I’m sure I did.)


  1. Remodelaholic

    Thank you for the award! I love that last little tidbit, since I am living in Texas right now and my girls are growing up here. I just got my oldest daughter some pink cowgirl boots, and she loves them! She was pushing them around in her stroller today!

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for the award :-) I remember you mentioned you were from TX before…was it Katy?? I'm in the Cinco Ranch/Richmond area right by Katy :-)

  3. Hyphen Interiors

    Actually, the NW side, so Tomball, Spring, Klein areas.

  4. Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

    I loved hearing more about you, Kristy! Thank you so much for mentioning me for this award! You're a special lady and doing a GREAT job at blogging!

  5. Elizabeth@themustardceiling

    Congratulations on your blogger award. I love learning about the ladies behind the blogs I read.

  6. Denise at PinkPostcard.

    thank you so much Kristy- you are so sweet. sounds like you and your hubby have lotsa fun together!! ;)

  7. Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    So fun to hear more about you!!
    Thank you so much, I feel honored :)

  8. Emily@LovelyBeasts

    Kristy – Thank you so much for nominating me! It means a lot. And I think it's hilarious that you had a pony named Lightning…you're a TRUE TEXAN!


  9. Decor & Harmony @ 4290

    Fantastic! I can hardly wait to try it myself, thank you so much for taking the time to do a tutorial.

  10. Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair

    Thankyou so much for the Award! Great to learn more about you, sounds like you and the hubs have alot of fun togeter :) XX Samantha PS: grrr I can't work out the comment email reply hummm

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