Risk: Sometimes It Pays Off, Sometimes It Does Not, But Risk Is Worth It

I was inspired by The Nester’s recent post.  It’s well worth the read.

Our family room -

  • re-painting the art I got from Pier 1: risk
  • buying a rug online: risk
  • buying a zebra rug: risk
  • buying outdoor chairs from Lowe’s: risk
  • using ornaments for decorative balls: risk
  • using a pillow I made: risk
  • buying polka dotted boxes from Craigslist: risk
  • buying an old trunk from Craigslist:  risk
  • trying out a mirrored table: risk
  • Our family room:  priceless (to us)

Risk.  It sometimes pays off, sometimes it doesn’t, but risk is many times worth it.  Without risk, there’d be no big successes.  The greatest works of art involved risk.

Yet sometimes, we are afraid of risk.  Or, if you are more like me, you take risks, but beat yourself up over failures.  Yet, failures sweeten the taste of success.  They prepare us for success.

So, speaking of risks, I took a risk when buying a sofa.  Part of this risk for me was a matter of impatience though.  That’s the bad way to take a risk and is most often the culprit of things going wrong for me.  My hubby would say I’m overly enthusiastic in life and for that reason, I can jump the gun.

This risk involved the sofa I needed for my master bedroom.

The dilemma was that there is a crook in the hallway leading to our master bedroom, which means we have to put the sofa on its end and move it straight through the doorway while on its end.  So, the measurements must be around door way height of 79 inches and no wider than the door way, which is 29 inches wide.  That really put a damper on things.   If we angled it a tad, we could fit up to 86 inches tall (which is the width of the sofa when it is sitting flat on the ground).

So, I said yes to a sofa from Craigslist (didn’t want to pay full price on this item) that was the right size, but not the perfect color. Jumped the gun!  Impatient.

Got it in the room, and it just didn’t work.  It was too golden.  The color is camel.


I thought maybe I could make it work.  I tried.  I could…  But, I’d much rather have the right color in the room.

So out it went.  It’s now in the guest room, waiting to sell.

IMG_4592 (640x480)

Instead, after more patient looking (24 more hours), I found this one, which is much better!  It was only $75 on Craigslist and is like new!  Score!


Ignore the other things on and near it (I was just trying to get an idea of how it will play with other elements).   I think it works much better and will play with the cow hide rug nicely.  Remember, we are working on decorating this room, hence the sofa purchase.

Risk taken.  Fail.  Started over.  Success.  Never give up.  Always be willing to take risks!  But, never be too impatient, either.

Update 8/27/11:  The family room and master bedroom are now both pictured fully on the Home Tour page.


  1. Naomi@DesignManifest

    Oh I SO relate to this. I've made many a hasty decision that I've regretted. It's always good to sleep on a decision!

    That being said, life (and home design) without risks is far too boring!

  2. Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    Life would be no fun without risks :)

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