Sneak Peek at Lighting in Master Bedroom!

So, we went with the silver chandeliers that I talked about a while back in a post.   A photo from Overstock is below!


Ready for just a small sneak peek?  I won’t keep you waiting.  The photo below was taken before they were completely finished being hung!  (Click image for a bigger image.)

IMG_4628 (640x480)

Only the right one has PART of the crystals on it at this point. Like I said, this is a sneak peek.  :)  

And the view from the door…. so you can see the seating area with one of the chandeliers in the background.   (No crystals on it yet in this pic.) 

IMG_4629 (640x480)

And, note, the chair was not yet fully painted in this photo.  See the post from earlier this week to see how it turned out when I painted it with regular house paint.

And, yet another note… the master bedroom is still in the process of being decorated.  We are still waiting on various elements to be delivered.  Things are sitting around on the bench temporarily. 

We love the silver chandeliers!  Do you (based on the very little bit you could see)?


  1. Infatuated with Homes and Gardens

    Your bedroom is so luxurious,love the new lights:)

  2. Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair

    OMG Yes I love them! Beautiful!

  3. Emily@LovelyBeasts

    Nice! The chair looks great in here. It adds the pop of color that everyone is always looking for.

    And thanks for leaving a comment back on my blog! I was wondering if you were from TX! I did notice you had an alumni ut email address and was hoping you were still living around the area. Would love one day to meet fellow local bloggers, but it looks like you're doing really well in Phoenix so I can't complain. :)

  4. OMG!!! I LOVE Your furniture! That bed is to die for! The Chandy's look beatuiful too, looks like a beautiful, relaxing retreat you're creating here!

  5. Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

    These chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Dear Kristy, please move to Maryland to help decorate my home. Thank you. :-)

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