Sunburst Mirrors–Trend Watch

The sunburst mirror is not a new idea.  However, it is showing up more and more.  Antique stores and chain stores alike are all selling sunburst mirrors these days.  Check out the different shapes and versions of this classic idea.  They may look whimsical, sophisticated, retro or modern.  The typical metallic finish adds sparkle to a space.

media room by Jennifer Brouwer

An oversized sunburst placed over a fireplace adds some bling and gives a classic, almost retro feel to the space. 

living room by Jennifer Brouwer

This sunburst is place in an entry way and creates a little vignette.  It has sleek clean lines.

contemporary bedroom by Emily A. Clark

When placed over the bed, it emphasizes a focal point.

eclectic entry by Tracery Interiors

This antique sunburst mirror provides and understated elegance.

sunburst mirror

Don’t you love this more golden finish?  It mixes with other finished to create an eclectic romantic feel.

bedroom flickr

Slightly different style, but still a great statement piece over the bed.

This mirror provides just a little bit of shine in a more country vignette.

What an amazing vintage style sunburst mirror!  Lots of character.  

Have you added “sparkle” to your room with a sunburst mirror?

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  1. Kim@Chattafabulous

    I have one myself and also wanted to try making my own – there are so many diy tutorials out there! Sunburst mirrors are classic and here to stay!

  2. nancy @ {COZAMIA}

    I've always really liked these, If I could find a really unique one like the one in the fourth picture I would buy it in a heart beat:)

  3. Drooling! I've been wanting one of these so bad in my entry way – just haven't found the right one at the right price yet.

  4. Liz @ It's Great To Be Home

    I'm a huge fan of sunburst mirrors – we have them over our nightstands, and our other one is currently living in the flip. Love your inspiration photos!

  5. Infatuated with Homes and Gardens

    These are wonderful mirrors and I love your inspiration collection, I am your newest follower:)

  6. I love these too! I have a couple saved on my amazon wish list! :)

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