Trellis Knock Off–What a Deal!

Designer Kelly Wearstler makes the most awesome fabric called Trellis.   It was first introduced in Spring 2005 in the House of KWID collection.  The fabric was inspired by Asian fretwork, but enlarged to a bold scale for both fabric and wallpaper.  Last I heard Schumacher was selling it for around $120/yd.

Here it is as a pillow.  They sell for $75-85 on etsy.


Pretty huh?

I was shopping at Target yesterday and stumbled into their outdoor pillow section.  It was then that I saw a decent knock-off!  I had to have it. After all, according to our design plan, I needed a navy pillow for the chair.


Forgive the quality of the photo – it’s a little blurry. 

But, here it is, a week or two later in the painted chair:

I could not find it on their website in order to link to it, Marissa at Roost found the link for me.  They also had them in a green and brown combo. 

Guess what the best part is?   The price!!  $12!!


  1. That looks exactly like the pricey version. You got a great buy. I'm a new follower,please stop by for a visit I'd love it if you did.

  2. mybelleepoque

    Great find! Found you linked to Frugal Friday. Cute blog!

  3. Infatuated with Homes and Gardens

    This is great, you have the best Target, in Australia Target more like a Thrift shop:)

  4. Marissa Waddell

    Found a link for you–they're $20 for a pair online. I bought one and love it (and I posted about it here). It's not the original, but it's still such a great print.

    Marissa @ ROOST).

  5. hypheninteriors

    Thank you for the link, Marissa!! Yes!!

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