Animal Heads – The Real Post

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s April Fool’s joke.  Today, this is a real post, though, about a similar topic.  It’s what gave me yesterday’s post idea.

My husband and I almost always see eye to eye when it comes to design, but there are a few things we disagree on.

He is a actually a hunter and would love to put up a deer head from one of his hunts.  I don’t think so… No way.

But… recently, the shoe was on the other foot.  I was the one who dragged home a 20 pound deer head and begged to hang it somewhere.  He said no.
I had found a solid wood deer head at Tuesday Morning that day.  He was so cool.  I wanted to paint him glossy white or blue.  I thought I had a place to hang him, though I admit, it wasn’t ideal.  Hubby nixed it.  I wish I had taken a photo of him before I returned him.

I DO love the playful fake animal heads that are out there these days!   I love a touch of whimsy – that is where my husband and I differ.

There is quite a variety of these animal heads out there. 

From a DIY project like the one on Danielle Oakey Interiors (below) where she beheaded  full deer that she found in the clearance section of Michael’s.


To cardboard ones at places like Uncommon Goods.

To glossy white resin ones like at Z Gallerie.

Click here to view larger image

To hand painted ones on Etsy.

Life Size Hand painted Faux Deer Head (RED)

To newspaper ones (diy) on Design Sponge.

To wallpapered ones like on Conversation Pieces.

How do they look in rooms, you say?






Yeah, that’s right… Awesome.  I’m still bugging him about it.  I miss that deer.


  1. MMB Creations

    My husband hung his deer skull in his office along with original art by 4 generations.

  2. Haha! I'm so glad the taxidermy post was a joke! I was a little worried!!!
    I have one primer coat on my wing chair, following your instructions. I'm hoping it will turn out as nice as your chair did!

  3. Girl, I got a moose head this week. We'll see how it goes…stay tuned =) happy weekend! xoxo Shel

  4. A Vintage Vine

    I like them…just never sure where I should put one, guess that is way I haven't done it yet!

  5. Girl…I have dead stuff all over our walls–mostly against my will. My husband is into hunting & fishing and his man room is covered with things and our living room is as well…I guess it's his house too…lol. I've tried to convince it would look better in his own little room…but obviously I haven't won that battle!

  6. Hyphen Interiors

    That's too funny. I'm sure you've incorporated it in a very elegant way. I think if my hubby hunted more often, we'd HAVE to make a space for his trophies, but like you, I'd start out with them in a man room… ;)

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