Best Link Parties Ever!

In case you don’t know what I mean by link parties (and don’t be shy if you don’t, I just learned maybe 6 weeks ago myself), some bloggers will host a party where they allow readers to post a small thumbnail images of something they’ve been working.  The images are links to the reader’s blog post.  That way other readers can visit and vise versa. 

A characteristic that I value in life is transparency.

I love posts on mistakes that people make.  Of course, they make me a little less hard on myself when I make my own mistakes.  I’m also fond of the posts that “keep it real” and show that the house isn’t clean all of the time and so on.

I ran across this rad party recently and had to share!  While most link parties host photos of beautiful, perfectly staged projects and homes, this link party at The Borrowed Abode was titled “2011 Redneck Yard of the Year Contest.”

The author’s own yard (there is no after photo, as the theme is just redneck yards, ha!):

Her grass just wouldn’t grow.

Hurry, you can still enter.  And, there is a prize! 

Then, I found a link to The Scrappy Housewife’s “Reality Check” party.   Her party is about showing what your house looks like before you clean up and get it picture ready.

And, the dining room.

You may be able to still enter this one as well, I’m not sure.

What unique link parties!  Here’s to keeping it real!  Good work ladies!  You put a smile on my face.



  1. Ha! These are great :D

  2. This is so much fun! I was eagerly scrolling down for the after pictures!

  3. elizabeth@themustardceiling

    Haha, hilarious. I should enter the "reality check" party…my house is a disaster right now.

  4. The Scrappy Housewife

    Thanks for featuring me! It's been so fun seeing everyone's comments and submissions. I never want anyone to feel bad because their house doesn't look like an After picture. :)

  5. Carol@TheDesignPages

    I'm always happy to share the mistakes I make on my projects but no way is anyone going to see a photo of my messy house:)

  6. Jane @ The Borrowed Abode

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Thankfully, my porch is already looking better, we started cleaning it up this weekend.

    But yeah, I like to keep it real. I strive to have fab spaces in my home, but sometimes life gets away from you! And there's nothing like sharing the mess to get you motivated!

  7. Life in Rehab

    Oh, please pop over to our fashion party- the more embarrassing the outfit, the better! There's a reason we won the 2011 Redneck Yard of the Year challenge.

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