Didn’t Go So Well For Me…

So, I originally saw the felt monogram (not unlike my master bedroom pillow) at Shannon’s blog, Shannon Berrey.  I’ve had my eye on this for a while.


Looks great! 

Then, I saw Cassie at Hi Sugarplum do something similar on a pelmet.  Gorgeous!

Picnik collage

So, I decided to try it on my lamps in my dining area.  I invested a whole 90 cents for three sheets of felt, just in case I messed up (I just needed two). 

I traced letters.  Cut them out.  And, here they are.

IMG_5282 (640x480)

You can see all of the bad cutting edges on the circle.  I never passed cutting in kindergarten.  I have always been a bad cutter.  I don’t enjoy it.  Is that a good case for a new Silhouette machine?

Anyway, here is a closer pic.


See what I mean.  The letters aren’t perfect, but not AS bad as the circle.  Don’t worry, I didn’t glue it on.  It’s just sitting on there.

Not every project is a success! 

So, I nixed it.  It was a little borderline busy for the room anyway.  But, perhaps I can use this concept elsewhere one day… if someone else cuts…

Psst… my chair is mentioned at Young House Love today!  She tried the tutorial.  Check it out to find out more.


  1. The lamp shades look nice to me. Don't be so hard on yourself. =)

  2. What a great idea. I LOVE monogramed anything! Thanks for sharing, i might give this a go for some cushions, though not sure how I will go with the cutting too! Thanks for stopping by and the evernote tip, i am off to read your post on it! Miss Walker xoxo

  3. I am glad to know it's even something that can be attempted. I may have to recruit someone more handy w/ scissors to help me try. I'm a terrible cutter, too (thought I don't think yours looks bad at all – I wouldn't have noticed any imperfections without your pointing to them!).

  4. OK….let me tell you that your letters look fabulous {I agree with the others–you're being too hard on yourself!} The circle may be just a tad wonky, BUT, cutting out a circle that big and that skinny ut of felt is not easy!! I think if you left off the circle, then it's a home run! When making mine, I used super sharp scissors, then I went back with super sharp tiny scissors to 'clean up' any imperfections. Good scissors make all the difference in the world!! I think somebody is just trying to justify a new silhouette machine ;)!! But seriously..kudos to you for trying it!
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Shannon Berrey Designs

  5. Love this idea! Plus Shannon is totally right, scissors make a world of difference!

  6. Hyphen Interiors

    You're gonna be shocked, but I used a brand new pair of Fons and Porter scissors! I'm just not a good cutter… :(

  7. Katie @ covestreetblog

    I think it looks pretty dang good, but I know if something bugs, it will bug forever:) P.S. LOVE that you're chair is featured on Young House Love today!!! Congrats!!

  8. Simple Dwellings

    Great for you for trying it! I think it looks great- I bet you can only notice the circle when you're super close up. I can hardly tell! great first effort. :)

  9. oh my gosh! don't be so hard on yourself! i think it looks AWESOME! GREAT JOB!

  10. Liz @ It's Great To Be Home

    So glad your chair was featured on YHL, it's so awesome!!! And thanks so much for your nice words about my chairs. :)

  11. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!}

    The letters look good…and there's a reason why my monogram doesn't have a circle!! I knew I couldn't cut a good one!

    I think it looks great! Thanks for the shout out!

  12. Maybe if the monogram was more tone on tone the rougher edges wouldn't bother you as much? Or maybe try cutting it with fresh X-Acto blades? I am a monogram fanatic as well, so I hope you can make it work out to your liking . . .

  13. Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

    Hey, Kristy. Lampshades are one of those projects that I always think will be a breeze but ends up taking a lot longer and rarely turns out as well as I think it will! (how's that for a run on sentence?) I've had my share of misses too. But I still love the idea! Maybe it will work out next time.

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