DIY Chandelier from Freshly Picked

West Elm has an awesome capiz shell chandelier right now for $269.  I’ve admired it, but like Freshly Picked, it is out of my price range. After seeing Design Sponge make a similar chandelier, Freshly Picked tried one herself.  The results are amazing.  See below.

She used the frame of an old lampshade.  Inverted it, added wire to the middle, and started creating the circles that will hang on it.  The circles are made from wax paper.

They took the old glass piece off the existing light, added hooks, and hung their new creation.

Here it is lit.

Amazing, right?

And, get this – the total cost of their chandelier was $9. 

I think this may be a future project for me.  What about you?   Only problem is, I can’t cut circles…  I do need a Silhouette.  Can they cut wax paper?   Or, I could just use a “circle cutter!”  I’m sure they are cheaper.

Also don’t forget to enter the e-design plan giveaway!  The drawing is tomorrow night.



  1. Holy COW that looks good, but alas, I have no patience to make one, lol YOU SHOULD DO IT!!!

  2. I saw this project at Design Sponge and I think it's fantastic.. I don't think I'd ever have the patience though!

  3. Crisp Interiors

    OH MY goodness gracious, this is AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing AND for stopping by Crisp this weekend.
    P.S. I am ALMOST done with my last coat of paint on the upholstered chair that you inspired me to beautify :)
    I will send pics soon {i hope}
    Happy Easter!
    Crisp Interiors

  4. Wow, that looks awesome. May have to try this project out sometime!

  5. Wow that looks so good! I may have to try it as well. AND if a Silhouette can cut wax paper I am totally ordering mine ASAP. Just noticed your new picture, it's super cute!

  6. That's amazing!! People are getting more and more clever with reproducing great items!! 9 bucks wow!!

  7. I love this. Try it! Also, love your new profile picture. You look so pretty!

  8. I have been eye-balling the West Elm version for awhile now too. I love everything West Elm has. I wonder what else you could use besides wax paper. Any ideas?

  9. The Vazquez Family

    Wow! Thoroughly impressed! Wish West Elm was not as pricey as it was.

  10. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    Using a circle craft punch would certainly speed up the process. You can get some in all different sizes and then they can be used for other projects like creating labels and party circles.

  11. Hyphen Interiors

    Jen, I can't think of an alternative for wax paper, but if you do, let me know! Thanks for the info, Annette!

  12. I have lusting for a capiz chandelier for a while now. Can't wait to make my own!

  13. 9 bucks!!!! That is amazing and it looks great!!

  14. Why couldn't you use vellum as an alternative to wax paper? I'm sure it could be cut with a circle punch & would be a bit sturdier than wax paper. It also comes in soft colors & designs.

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