E-Design Plan Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I promised that I’d giveaway an e-design plan to a reader when I reached 200 followers.  Well, that time has come!   And, it just so happens that Saturday is my 2 month blogging anniversary!

E-Design simply is a way to have help on a room via email, rather than having a designer out to your home.  This giveaway is valued at $175 and is gifted to a lucky reader by Hyphen Interiors.    


This E-Design plan will include:
- One story board for the space with one edit.
- Notes on the design.
- A floor plan.

Ideal for:
- Readers who need a full room makeover and though they want to do the work theirselves, they want a plan for that work.
- Readers who just want to tweak a room or introduce a couple of new elements.
- Readers who need advice on furniture placement.
- Readers who are at a stand still and need to polish a room.

(Note: Connecting rooms are not counted as one room.)    

Story boards serve as a visual design plan for a room.  

They help the client answer the questions:
- What will this design plan/ floor plan look like as it pertains to colors and actual pieces of furniture
- How will these elements work together?    

Visit my Services page to read about just how eDesign plans work. 

1. Simply become a follower of Hyphen Interiors (if you already are, then great).

2. Leave a comment saying what room you’d use the e-design giveaway on.  

Be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have a blog.  I’ll need a way to contact you. (Feel free to email it to me if you don’t want to leave it publicly.)

This giveaway ends Monday, April 25th at 8pm. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Tuesday, April 26th.

Good luck readers!    


  1. DecorandtheDog

    My office. Definitely my office.

  2. Regina from The Queenly Abode

    Hi Kristy, I would love to win your give away, I could use help in my study, I am positive you would know exactly what to do!

  3. If I won it would be used on my living room. More like a dying room at this point.

  4. My office/sitting room…we are in the middle of transformation!

  5. I would get help for my livingroom. I have all hand-me down furniture [some of which I love], but need it to represent our family.

  6. I would definitely redesign my living room. It's the definition of blah beige.

  7. Ooh – fun! There are many remodel projects in the works at my house, and I could surely use your help!!

  8. This is such a great giveaway! I would either want to use it for our office or guest room.


    Our dining room/all-purpose room needs MAJOR help!!!!!

  10. I am now a follower! And I need help with my living room!

  11. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful}

    I'm just warning you, if I get drawn, you are in for a problem room!!! (c: My little girl's room is a funny shape and I'm having "issues" getting it to look right…here's hoping I get to pawn off my problem (c: hehehehe

  12. My living room – what to do?

  13. I am a follower! I would use it on my living room. It's a very strange shape and I could use some serious help with the furniture layout!

  14. Valerie Michelsen

    I have been considering trying the edesign service out…..so what a perfect giveaway! I would use it on my office or living room. I need lots of help. Thanks so much.

  15. OOhh! I hope i WIN!! I hope, i hope!!

    I think i would use this towards my living room. It's very narrow…and it's really hard to decorate around a 50 inch TV (BLAME THE HUSBAND!). Could totally use this! Thanks again! :)

    My email is Nicben314@gmail.com

  16. Oooo this is great!!!

    My living room for sure. It's the first room you see when you enter our house, and I just can't pull the look together. It's driving me crazy!!!


  17. Our Bedroom! It is a complete blank slate and I have no clue what I want to do with it. Help! (hehe)

  18. Just recently found your blog and think it is great. So hard to decide my whole house needs help! I think I would use it on my guest bedroom.

    My email ljopling@hotmail.com

  19. Jess @ House Sweet Home

    It would have to be our bedroom or my craft room! Congratulations on 200 followers and your 2 month anniversary!

  20. A Vintage Vine

    Great giveaway, I would use it in my living room….I think it needs a Hyphen Interiors makeover!!!!!

  21. Follower! I'd use it for my guest bedroom. Great give away, and congrats on the 200 followers! :)

  22. I would use it in my office, I haven't even touched that room since we moved into our house over a year ago!

  23. First off – love your style and that's why I'm entering, because we share the same taste so I'd be super excited to see what you came up with (since you are obviously much better at this than I). Second – I love that your design plans are affordable and your ideas can be recreated. LOVE! So, I am proposing a design for…..(drum roll)….a CAT ROOM! I love my cats dearly, and in August I will move to a house, so I will be upgrading and will have the space to give them their own room. I want it to be awesome with modern climbing shelves up the walls, bright colors, cat-friendly plants, and whatever else would make them happy. So, there ya go! :)

    Jen31691@hotmail.com Thanks!

  24. jehnuinedesigns

    my living room! jehnuine@gmail.com

  25. Something Nice and Pretty

    I'm a satisfied follower:) It would either be my livingroom or master bedroom…probably the bedroom!

  26. Oh my gosh, I need help in EVERY room of my house… but I guess I'd like to start in the junk room/office/craft and storage room. Yes, it's technically a bedroom, but yikes.

  27. Hmmm…I think our den/mudroom/office/playroom…we have a bit of an identity crisis…

  28. omg. my bonus room. UGH. too big and too many toys. I'm a follwer of course! xoxo shel

  29. The Vazquez Family

    We have a collect all room that is in the basement. It is small, but has a TON of crap in it…not too sure what to do with the space to make it useful. Of course, I am already a follower!