Let’s See Who Followed the Upholstery Painting Tutorial!

I received some email from readers saying they tried painting upholstery!  I have the best readers ever!

Some had great experiences.  Some not so much.

Lindsay at Sadie and Stella wrote to tell me that she followed my tutorial and painted a chair!  It turned out great! 

Before and After.


Love it.  Love the choice of color!  Check it out on her site.

Gwen over at Gwen’s Nest also wrote about her painting experience.

Before and After.

readerchairbefore   readerchairafter

Looks great!

And, finally, I heard from Jane at Jane’s Junk and Treasures.  She’s hilarious.  She just jumped right in before reading the tutorial and started painting!  I can so relate – I also tend to get over zealous and eager and jump the gun.  Even as I write this, that flaw has kicked in – I am making cookies and couldn’t wait long enough for the base layer of icing to set before writing on top of it.  Now it’s all running together.

But, really, you just have to read her blog for the full effect. 

Before, During and After.


She said it was hard and sticky like a plastic covered sofa.  Not sure if she can save this one, but at least she can try again, as it was from Goodwill.   

Write to me and let me know if you have tried any of my tutorials!   I’d love to hear from you, and possibly feature them.

Update 4/17/11:  Another reader sent pics and had a lot of success with an awesome hot pink chair.


  1. Carrie @ Hazardous Design

    Wow! The first two really came out great!
    Even the stool was worth a shot :)

  2. Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures

    Hi it's me Jane………the failure at painting upolstry!

    Lindsay and Gwen are nothing but big show offs!!! ha ha

    Yesterday I found a chair………round two…….this time I'm reading the dirctions and taking a test before I just dig in!!!

  3. A Vintage Vine

    I am laughing my head off!! Jane is a funny gal! I am so guilty of that too…"directions who needs them"…..thanks for sharing!

  4. I just got to your blog from Younghouselove.com
    They tried it using parts of this tutorial…it did not turn out great but I'll let you read for yourself. :)

    Margo from one Life to Love @ http://www.shanks-est2009.blogspot.com

  5. Hyphen Interiors

    I did see her post today and linked to it on today's post as well as Featured At. Loved it.

    I think there may be two ways she could improve on the outcome – less thick paint when doing the latex layers and using a solid, less texture fabric. That would be my suggestions…

    However, I'm super glad she tried it, though and posted about the outcome! As you can see from my post today (about lamp shades), not everything you try works! :) Thanks!!

  6. Thank you for featuring my chair, and for the inspiration, Kristy!
    I did leave out a couple steps in my project, but I am very happy with the results!

  7. Ok! I am doing this, this weekend! I have a question….the pink chase that you featured, it looks like she didnt use any acrylic, all latex. Does it matter what kind of paint? Also, if the material has a pattern on it will it show under the new color? Some of the examples it looks like you can still see it, but again…the in the pale pink chase you cant see the flower pattern anymore. HELP!! IM NERVOUS!

    • Haha, all good questions. If the pattern has a texture, it will show as you are not removing texture. If the fabric has a color pattern, it should not show through. Acrylic or latex is fine. The key is watering it down and using water during painting (spritzing the fabric).

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