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I was honored that the fabulous duo, Lindsay and Lindsay at Sadie and Stella asked me to participate in a designer series about favorite rooms. 

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Like most people would, I talked about my most recently completed room -  my master bedroom.  If you want to understand why I chose the layout I did and the process of it all, I cover this room in MUCH greater detail on this blog.  It’s a long one!  Check it out over at Sadie and Stella.

I had a few cool things happen with my blog yesterday.  Due to a suprise Young House Love post, I hit a record with well over 10,000 views in one day!  Definitley a record – by far.  Thanks for mentioning me, Sherry!  How exciting. 

I’m also working on my first series with a hand full of blogger friends.  Hoping it is something that you’ll be excited about!   I should be able to tell you more about it in a few weeks.

And… I am starting to prepare for some future giveaways!


  1. I'll go check it out right now. Congrats on the YHL feature. Well deserved!

  2. Kim @ keller-creative

    I saw your chair on YHL. How awesome!

  3. Carol@TheDesignPages

    Nice post Kristi and of course, beautiful room. By the way, thanks for the awesome comment last week. I believe I've activated that email feature now:)

  4. Congrats on the feature. You know I've already seen & love this room, but it was fun to find out even more details. Great job.

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