Welcome Suzanne from So Stinkin’ Cute!

Guess what!  The master reveal will be tomorrow!  Get ready!

Also wanted to thank Amber at Simple Dwellings and Brittany at Swirls of Happy for passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to me!  Awesome!

Today, I want to welcome Suzanne from So Stinkin’ Cute.  She created a super fun fabric headboard, diy style.  Most of us are always looking for inexpensive ways to jazz up a bedroom, so I thought this may interest you all.

The wall behind her bed was bare. But, not for long!


There is a tutorial on her blog.   Rather than repeating the tutorial for the headboard here, I thought I’d have Suzanne do a little Q&A style guest post.


Kristy…thanks for having me here today, how exciting!


I like to focus on home decor, jewelry… I own a jewelry website called Must Have Moxie, and since I am a Mom I sometimes mention my kids and my hubby. 

I also like to talk about t.v., celebrities, and movies…pretty much what I do in my down time. 

I am a lover of fashion, beauty, diet coke, and anything that will make my life more glamorous.  I consider myself to be a born salesperson and love to meet people.  My blog has allowed me to combine all of the above!

# 1. How’d you get your hubby to agree to a bubble gum pink headboard?
My hubby agrees to most of my decor desires.  He is a manly man, but somehow gets excited over making our house better, being a part of the vision, and he now believes in one of my mantras “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

It took him a few years, but he’s got it down now!

#2. What made you choose such a daring master bedroom color palette?
I have always been a huge lover of color, especially bright colors….in decor, in clothing, and in jewelry, and that look always seems to speak to me.

I love white though and always incorporate that too. You will never catch me wearing something subdued or putting it in our home!

#3.  Where did you get your bedding – it goes so well with the headboard and pillows?
The bedding in the picture is from Pottery Barn and I have to say, all of my duvet covers are… they seem to bring in the bright colors best, or I do it with my own pillows or accessories.  I recently started sewing, so I am adding pillows all over my home through sewing with fabrics I love.

I would rather do that, than scour stores….most of the time, I don’t find things I love, except for HomeGoods, that store gets me every.single.time.


#4.  Could you give us a really quick, few sentence summary of how you made the headboard?
The headboard was easier than I thought it would be.  You can find the full post here.

I looked up links online and literally copied what I read.  It all starts with plywood, then foam, then the thickest batting you can buy, then your fabric.  You literally stack it on the plywood and pull it all tight and staple it to the plywood…extra hands make all of the difference.  The harder you pull, the tighter it gets and you know it will be secure and not go anywhere.


#5. How did you mount the headboard to the wall?
We used two picture hooks!  Called “Perfect Hang” you can find them at your local Home Depot, etc.  They hold up to 50 pounds, just make sure you screw into studs…this thing was heavy!  That part, I left up to my handsome hubby, and my father who is a contractor…I knew my masterpiece was in good hands.

#6.  I can’t help but ask about the black and white chevron chair that is in your master bedroom.  Tell us about it.
Oh my chair, how I love thee..and I am working on two more!


I am a huge fan of chevron and of black and white together.  I found it at a garage sale while working on another décor project.  I hadn’t done my own DIY yet, though I grew up with parents that built/ designed/ decorated literally everything they have.

I have to do DIY projects.  They are satisfying.  You get to make it exactly your way at a fraction of the cost, that is so satisfying…I love that chair and love the compliments!

Thanks so much Suzanne!  I appreciate all of the great answers to my questions!  I love the room – the bedding, headboard and chair! 


  1. Great job Suzanne! It turned our great.

  2. Thanks for the posting…I appreciate it!

  3. A Vintage Vine

    Love the color! It is classy and fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol@TheDesignPages

    How awesome is a pink headboard. I would never have considered that for a master but it totally works.


    Suzanne has given me so many ideas for my home. She has style and class….

  6. Love the colors! Can't wait to see your bedroom.

  7. Ashly@Moon Walk

    Great headboard.

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