Before the Paparazzi – Sadie and Stella

This week’s guests for the series, “Before the Paparazzi,” are Lindsay and Lindsay from the blog Sadie and Stella.  This is a blog written by two girls.  They are both super sweet and talented.  I’m amazed at how they work together and how seamless the blog feels.   Their blog has quickly become one of my favorites!    I’m thrilled to have them here today sharing a bit about themselves and things they have learned in the past six months. Take it away Lindsay and Lindsay.

We are Sadie + Stella and we are so excited to be here at Hyphen Interiors! We have become fast blogging friends with Kristy, and we could not be more honored to be guest posting with you all! We first met Kristy through her AMAZING painted chair. We decided to be gutsy and go for it ourselves…it did not disappoint. {See the results here}
s sheader5
How did you get started? What is your blog about?
Sadie + Stella is about us two girls, whom both happened to be named Lindsay and our dogs, (Sadie, Stella and now Billie) who are absolutely infatuated with design and styling. We met about a year ago from the men in our life, and hit it off immediately! From our frequent bargain shopping excursions and obsession with achieving unique styling to our undying love for cuisine, we knew we were destined to be life-long friends and business partners. We both had always wanted to start a blog but never seemed to get around to it, until last November. It has been absolute bliss ever since. We are lucky to be so similar, yet different in so many ways. Our strengths and weaknesses balance out perfectly with one another and our design business. 
{Stella, Sadie}
{Stella, Sadie, Billie}
We blog about things we love to read on other’s blogs. All things design, inspiration and food. We both love to host parties and entertain frequently. We enjoy all different styles of interiors and also any brave do it yourself projects. We both pride ourselves on being frugal and try to convey affordable options to our readers. Below is a taste of our style and what you’ll see over at S+S…
Stella’s Entryway
Sadie’s Living Room

A Sadie + Stella tablescape.

How much should you invest in good blog design? Did you do your own design?
When we first started we realized that we were either going to invest time or money to create a blog design that we loved. We noticed that blogs with a great layout, fun logo and style in their design always stood out to us. We wanted S+S to pop too!There are some fabulous graphic designers out there but we wanted the challenge of crafting our own logo and blog design. We had the vision and enough motivation to try our hand at it.  We took pictures of the girls to create custom silhouettes and did a great deal of research to find the perfect fonts to use. We used photoshop and after many hours of playing, tweaking and googling ‘how to’ videos, our efforts paid off. If we can make our own, you certainly can! You just have to choose the investment you’d like to make, time or money? Either are more than worth it.
Do you have any tips on time management?
When we first started out, it was definitely difficult for us to both manage full time careers and also when and what to post. After a few meetings and constant collaboration, it worked best for us to designate our go to segments between our strengths. We always try to be at least a week ahead in what we are going to post, but that does not always happen. Life gets in the way sometimes. The beauty of our partnership is that when one of us is inundated with other things, the other one can pick up the slack for that week and vice versa. We are a team and we always make it work.
What tricks and tips can you give us?
Our biggest tip: Do what you love. If you have passion for design and have a strength in certain areas, it will always translate throughout your creations. Although we both have different styles and strengths, our combination of traits has an end result of what we believe to be greatness. No matter what the project, recipe or design, we always love what we do and hope that shows.
Thanks again, Kristy, for including us in this series!
Thank you, both!

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