Craigslist– Revolving Furniture

This is where I was at 6am yesterday morning.  Hiking some of the awesome trails near my neighborhood with a friend.


So fun to be out in the cooler air, before it gets too hot!  It’s that time of year when you start not wanting to be outside too much during the day, after about 10am.  So, good motivation to be inside working.

Remember the craft room table that you’ve seen in postings?  Well, the $25 Craigslist table in the craft room just wasn’t cutting it.


Though I was assured it was sturdy and it seemed alright, once I got it home and on carpet, it just wasn’t sturdy enough due to the way it is made.  I had planned to totally redo it by changing out the legs, sanding and painting.  But, then I realized that new legs would run me about $150.  That plus a lot of work.

So, I went to Craigslist again and found this table instead.

cltable2.  cltable3.

I went to look at it and bought it for $100, thus saving me money and time.  (Table photos are from the Craigslist ads.)

This “new” table is 6 inches less deep, but that is great!  I love it!  Much, much more sturdy!   It’s already in the craft room and the old one is up on Craigslist, though I may end up giving it away. 

As soon as I went to the door of this Craigslist-er, I knew she was a blogger just based on the wreath.  It was so adorable.   Come to find out, she was a blogger, had actually happened to know of my painted chair (what are the odds) and had lived in Utah for a few years like us.  I now follow her blog!  It’s awesome, but I’ll let Katie share the URL in the comments if she would like to.

Our house sometimes feels like a revolving furniture store sometimes.  We have so much on from our home Craigslist right now, from this entertainment center (below) to random décor items to this art from Bombay (below the entertainment center). 


Love the entertainment center and art, but we have no place to put them!

And, this week, despite the things I just named, I also already sold a sofa, chair, and bench!  I just cannot stand to keep things around if I’m not using them and can’t find a way to repurpose them right away.  

Do you all use Craigslist as much as I do?



  1. Sarah@livingwithmoldillness

    Love the new craft table…such a good find! You find the neatest things on Craigslist! Ok, you totally have to stop posting beatiful pic of AZ…so making me want to move back like now!!!:)

  2. Regina from The Queenly Abode

    I love the new craft table… a bit envious of your beautiful walking trail.

  3. Katie @ Clarendon Lane

    Hi Kristy,
    I'm so glad you like the table. Sorry the photos weren't that great, I took them on a whim before we decided to actually sell it.I can't wait to see what it looks like in your space!

  4. White Lacquer

    I am definitely obsessed with craigslist….in fact I'm so other half thinks I might need to join a support group. No one hears him complaining when the house is being cleared out and fab new items are being brought in. :)


  5. great table! I'm a bit addicted to Craigslist also. Just listed our old headboard on there this week. I've always had great luck.

  6. Haha…I really AM going to post a tutorial or something one of these days on buying things off of cl. You find AMAZING pieces! My Personal Tip #1 = Apps are your friend. :-)

    btw…that table is perfect!!! Great find!

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