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On to the fun, now!

I noticed an awesome headboard that was not purchased but made!  It’s a West Elm look-alike! 


And, the one from West Elm?

Looks the same, huh?  So impressive!  I knew I had to ask a few questions and share it with my readers!  Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing us to highlight your handy work!

Hi! I’m Michelle from Decor and the Dog and I was pretty excited when Kristy asked me to share my West Elm Window Headboard Copy Cat on Hyphen Interiors!  Kristy had some questions she wanted answered about the process!

What inspired us to build a copy cat headboard?
Like many other 20-something married couples, my husband and I enjoy home improvement.  We pride ourselves on making our home beautiful while also paying off student loans and saving for the future.

Unfortunately, we are both drawn to expensive items…like this West Elm Window Headboard…

The $299.00 price tag plus $60.00 shipping was definitely more than either of us wanted to spend…but I was in LOVE. 

I convinced Nate that it wouldn’t be that hard to build.  We could totally do it.

Six hours and $57.06 later we had this…





You can check out the headboard how-to here.  The how-to includes a supply list and a cut list.

Did we run into any obstacles?
Surprisingly, we ran into few obstacles.  Neither of us had previously attempted to build any kind of furniture…but Nate is pretty handy with a saw and screw driver. The hardest part of the process was figuring out the dimensions….which just took a little trial and error with numbers.  The building process was time consuming but not difficult.

What would we do differently if we were to build this headboard again?
Buy better quality wood.  We purchased the cheapest wood available because we weren’t sure if we could pull this off.  Once we completed the headboard and realized how easy it was, we decided if we were to build it again we would use nicer wood.  It’s not that the headboard looks bad but using better quality wood would have sped up the building process.  We had to pay special attention to knots, imperfections, grain, etc when laying out the headboard which took extra time.

Glue the joints.  We would apply wood glue to all joints to help stabilize them.

Build in the spring or fall.  We built this headboard in our unheated garage in the dead of winter in Iowa. Not so smart.  It may have been more enjoyable if we weren’t shivering while drilling pocket holes.

Would we build this headboard again?
Absolutely!  If only we had a need for more headboards! 

Readers, let us know if you build this headboard!  We’d love to see what you’ve done!

Thanks to Kristy for letting me share one of my favorite projects!

If you are interested in creating this headboard for your home, check out Michelle’s awesome tutorial on her blog, Decor and the Dog.

Be sure to enter the giveaway that I posted about yesterday!  The drawing is Friday!



  1. The Vazquez Family

    GORGEOUS!!! Totally do-able, and now I don't know if we should make the wallpaper headboard or something more like that. Decisions decisions!

  2. DecorandtheDog

    Thanks again for the opportunity!!

    Keep us posted on the move. I am thinking about it but just don't have the time to make the switch just now…it seems complicated!!

  3. Jess @ House Sweet Home

    This is wonderful- I love it! Great job.

  4. frugaleclecticchic

    Love it! Thanks for posting. I am in love with the west elm daybed, but want a trundle, might attempt to make my own.

  5. Connie @ SogniESorrisi

    What a fab DIY!

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