Drop Cloth Curtains – Tutorial

I needed some simple curtains for the craft room that I would not freak out about if they got messed up.  So, I decided to try sewing some drop cloth curtains.  I simply bought two 6×9 drop cloths for each of my three windows. So far, I’ve completed two of the six panels.

So, here is a sneak peak of the craft room so you can see the curtains from a distance.  I am making all curtain rods the same length and hanging them at the same height so that three windows of different shapes and sizes appear the same in the room.  What that will do is make the desk and hutch feel centered.  Tricking the eye, my friend!


Materials Needed:
2 6×9 ft drop cloths per window
10 plastic snap together grommets for each panel (2 panels per window)
Thread to match the drop cloth
Sewing Machine

Cost per panel:
$7.99 per drop cloth
$12.99 for a set of 8 grommets + 60% off coupon = $5.20, so 10 grommets are $6.50
Already had the other supplies
Total – $14.50 per panel with coupon or $24.22 per panel without coupon

They do take several hours each to make (or have for me) mainly because of the ironing and getting the grommets to stick.

1.  Fold top of drop clot over.  Fold line should be at the five inch mark.  Pin in place.


2.  Sew around all four sides of the folded area.  Keep it tight as you feed the drop cloth through the machine, so there are no wrinkles or bunching.  Feel free to iron prior to this step.


3.  Iron the entire drop cloth.

IMG_5424 IMG_5425

4.  Now it’s time to add the grommets.


Grommets will be place on the folded down section that you sewed in place.

Start the first one about 1.5 inches from the edge.  Then, measure five inches between the outer edge of one grommet and the outer edge of the next grommet.

IMG_5431 IMG_5432
I also placed them 1 inche from the top edge.

Use a pencil to trace the inside of the grommet, which you will later cut out.  Trace all ten to see that they are spaced equally and start and finish in a good spot.  Adjust as necessary.  Trace on the side of the drop cloth that will be the inside of the curtain.

5.  Once the grommets are pencilled in at the right positions, begin to cut the circles that you traced.  You will cut ten circles out of the top folded down portion of your curtain.


6.  Place the grommets as instructed on the packaging.  You will basically just put the male side on one side of the hold and the female side on the other, then sit it on a flat surface and press down with your body weight.

IMG_5440 IMG_5443

Do this with all ten grommets on each panel.

7. Hem the bottom to fit the length you need.

8.  Now, do the same with the other panels, but use the first one as the template so they all match perfectly.  Believe it or not, I didn’t do this on the next two… I just measured and they were ever so slightly off.  So, then I matched up each of those three for perfectly matching pairs.

You’re done!  You have made a drop cloth curtain panel!

IMG_5459 (615x640) IMG_5460 (640x432)

IMG_5401 IMG_54792

Can’t wait to finish off the room!  Lots to do still – painting the bookshelf, putting magnet boards up, painting peg boards, getting a wingback chair and painting it, hanging a chandelier, and so on!

Note the new stool and table!

Tomorrow is a great giveaway for vintage keys!!  Be sure to stop by.


Update 6/24/11:  Posted the reveal of the room.



  1. Swirls of Happy

    They look fabulous!!!!

  2. I usually sew my own curtains but I never knew how to do the grommets. Thank you :)

  3. Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors

    thanks for the tutorial Kristy, they look great dont they

  4. Looks great! I am so jealous of your rug. It looks amazing in that room!

  5. Regina from The Queenly Abode

    Love this idea Kristy, you are so talented!

  6. great job girl!

  7. White Lacquer

    Such a smart idea for the curtains!! Can't wait to see the room come together!

  8. At The Picket Fence

    They look great! Can't wait to see the whole room when it's done!


  9. Great tutorial. Your craft room is looking fabulous!

  10. Kim@Chattafabulous

    Another fine project and tutorial. Very nice, Kristy!

  11. DecorandtheDog

    Looks great! I love your rug!!

  12. Kristy these curtains are great!! You make it look so easy! Plus I adore your rug, fabulous!

    Art by Karena

    Thanks for entering my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! Send your friends!

  13. orchidlanedecor.com

    Your room is looking good, can't wait to see the end product. My office/craft room is almost complete too, just a few more things and then finally a finished room!

    Suzy xxx

  14. The Vazquez Family

    You have some SERIOUS skills! I love the curtains and mix of patterns and colors in that room. Can't wait to see a dramatic reveal!

  15. Katie @ Clarendon Lane

    I'm so glad the table worked out for you, it looks fabulous in here!

  16. Love. It. The ideas that you have and projects that you show are amazing! I can't wait to try them for my home!

    Do you think that the drop cloth curtains would be a good addition to a living room/den that isn't formal, but also isn't very casual?


  17. Hyphen Interiors

    Absolutely. One thing I like about them is the texture. It's also a neutral color which is great and I figure one day, if I want to change them up, I can easily tape them off and paint them (stripes or whatever). The last thing I like is the length. You can get fairly inexpensive extra long curtains that can be hemmed to perfectly fit your room. But, I should say, the lines on them (side seams) are not perfectly straight, but I doubt anyone would notice. I don't and usually stuff like that would bother me. Wow, that was more than you wanted to know… Back to your actual question… yes, I think so!

  18. I absolutely love the curtains and plan on trying them for my new apartment. May I ask where you got the grommets? I found them on amazon for $11 but If I can find them in store with a coupon that would be GREAT!

  19. I bought a 9×12 drop cloth and am hoping to make both curtains out of it. I’m wondering if you think I could add the grommets without folding the top down at all? I want to be able to make them longer. thanks!

    • Yeah, it should be fine. I mainly just folded the top down in order to have a finished edge. It also makes it thicker and so it doesn’t flop…

  20. Awesome awesome awesome money saving strategy! I bet the drop cloth would also take to a painted stencil well. I could see a chevron or other geo-pattern painted on. In person, does the fabric trick you into thinking it is linen or some other material? I have seen muslin used, but it looked like muslin and was unimpressive. It could have been the execution, not the fabric. I am loving your blog!

    I am going to look into this drop cloth use for my living room. My plan is to build a cornice out of crown molding and use ring/clips to hang curtains behind.

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