E-Design Winner – Follow Up

So, Shelley from Crazy Wonderful won my e-design giveaway.  She had an amazing start on her living room (trust me it looked pretty darn good), but it just never felt finished to her. So, she used the winning for that room. She was fabulous to work with and sent me all sort of great info and photos.

Here is the story board that I came up with for her.  She posted that portion of the e-design plan on her blog today.

With a limited budget, I tried to work with the pieces she owns and sent lots of diy projects.  It’s awesome to work with a client with so many diy skills!  Shelley has already made a sunburst mirror for over the fireplace and it’s AMAZING!  Much better than the one in the story board, actually.

Below is a sneak peek that she shared on her blog today.

Check out her room as it was before so you can get an idea of what this story board was designed for on her blog.  I can’t wait to see the plan fully executed!

Update 5/23/11:  Just posted a link to the yellow sign in the comments since it was proposed as a diy project.  It’s aweseome, isn’t it!?  Be sure to follow the link and see the full sign.


  1. Love the splashes of yellow and the drum fixture. Have to check out her site.

  2. Beautiful design board! I love it all. I’m off to check out her blog. :)

  3. Mandi Wolters

    I’m dying to know where you found the yellow “awesome” sign – I love it!

  4. Kristy, the board is amazing! I LOVE it!

    Can you also source the sunburst mirror … I’ve never seen one quite like that, and I think I like it alot :)

  5. What a gorgeous space – now I’m wondering if I can DIY that end table from HomeGoods. :)

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