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I’ve enjoyed Shelli’s recent home tour on her blog and thought I’d find out what her favorite room is and hear a little about how it came about.  She’s done a great job sharing that with us below!

Hi yall!  My name is Shelli from a’ la mode and I am beyond happy to be sharing my living room evolution with you guys today!  Kristy has been such a sweet and fun blogger to get to know, and not only do we share the love of interior decor but a mutual friend in real life!
My living room is one of the first rooms you see when you walk into my home, so I wanted it to feel calm and inviting.  If you click on my home tour, you will see that my LOVE for all things flax linen and layering of neutrals runs rampant throughout my home.
ps- see those larger pillows on my sofa?  they were made from napkins…a great way to incorporate pricier fabrics at a budget friendly price!

The newest piece to my living room decor is this mirrored side cabinet from HomeGoods.  We have a flat screen television above the fireplace and this little gem conveniently hides our DVD player and other ugly audio equipment.  I like the way the mirrors add a little glam to my rustic space.

Although I ADORE and CRAVE symmetry in my spaces, I try to avoid ‘matchy matchy’ if at all possible.  I added a copper topped round side table to the left of the striped sofa.  This is my FAVORITE pic of my sweet baby k and me.  She melts me.

Coffee table books and doo dads.  I must admit, with a 16 month ruling this house, the pretty books, flowers and glassware can’t typically be found here on a daily basis.  I’ll just have to enjoy it in this moment.  lol.
The club chairs are from this cool local place in Franklin, TN called P.D’s and I added the pewter side tables for a punch of sparkle and shiny.  These dwell studio pillows on the club chairs are one of my favorite finds from a clearance bin in an Atlanta boutique.

Here is the view of the space from the second story of our home.  This pic shows you very plainly the solution to my space planning issues in this space.  The problem?  I’ll give you a hint.  It rhymes with pug.  Ha!  Wanna see the befores?

Yikes, right?  Just goes to show you, we all gotta start somewhere!  This was right after we moved in last year.  My head was spinning and I juuuuuust couldn’t quite figure out how to move the furniture around to fit this space the best.  Um, or what my color palette was going to be…  I finally got rid of the grey completely, kept the flax and ivory and added in the blue.  Even after that, it still looked like this…..ready?

Well, I was still working on the furniture arrangement (moved these two flax linen club chairs in) and it STILL looked weird.  I had the coffee table upstairs in the walk in storage but baby k was still too little for hard corners in the room so I left it up there until she got older.  I tried pink pillows for a punch.  NOPE.  And then it finally hit me.  My rug is too small.  UGH.  Why did it take me almost a YEAR so long to figure that one out???

Even AFTER I bought the new rug, there were STILL adjustments.  I wanted some fun punchy pillows for a spring look to my space.  Yeah, this wasn’t it.

After a few more design FAILS  some tweaking, I finally found my spring look!  Oh, and turned my coffee table around!  Who knew???
My husband frequently asks, ‘when will you be done?’ Never…..right girls?
For more photos of my home and ALL sources, visit my home tour.   Thanks for having me, Kristy!  xoxo Shelli
Thanks so much for sharing with us, Shelli! I loved seeing how you got to where you are with the room. Be sure to check out her blog.


  1. Thanks again for having me Kristy! xoxo Shel

  2. i love that room! i have seen her nursery before and it made me want to jump my husband and have another baby! well, almost. ;) it’s just an awesome nursery- she clearly has an eye for style!

  3. Love a million gazillion times! She is one talented lady!

  4. I like her style! Wish I knew where she got that striped couch! I wish I had one just like it!!

  5. Beautiful room! My husband asks me that same question. It’s never going to be finished. There is always something to be improved upon.

  6. LOL LOL @ husbands asking when we’ll be done!!!!! They just don’t get it! Love, love, love that room, and all the photos of how the room came into being. Great job.

    Suzy xxx

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