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Shelli and I have become blog buddies. We happen to have a real-life, non blog friend in common which is uber cool! I love her style. I adore the architecture in her home, the bench in her dining room, the zebra rug in the nursery and most everything in her home. Her blog, Alamode, has taken off like wildfire and I’m so thrilled for her.


Today, I’m over at her blog talking about how I split this pillow in half, turning it into two pillows, in order to make it work for my room. 

Here, it is on the chair in the master.  Sorry about the lighting – it was a night shot.  The pillow will ultimately go in my craft room.  Visit her blog, Alamode, to check it out in more detail.


P.S. If she still has the part up about the two sets of twins and me living in Hawaii – I was TOTALLY just joking with her… and wrote her to fess up. Sometimes I joke and before I get to say “just kidding,” the things I say pop up in crazy places. Oops! :)  Sorry, Shelli!

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  1. So stinking funny! I kept thinking to myself, TWO sets of TWINS and she BLOGS!! and finds all of this great stuff at Homegoods……in HAWAII????? LOL. Love it! xoxo shel

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