Introducing a Series!

As a newbie myself, I have often had questions about blogging.  There is so much to learn.  To me, the best people to ask are other bloggers at various experience levels.

So, I decided to gather some successful design bloggers here to share their insights on blogging.

Each Thursday for six weeks, beginning tomorrow, we will be highlighting guest bloggers in our “Before the Paparazzi” series.


We?  Yes, Tammy from Type A Decorating and I have been collaborating on our first series!  We will both have a series of bloggers at various experience levels share with our readers what it was like to get started. Our guest bloggers will choose from a list of questions to answer and will write a Q&A style post.

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The guest bloggers at Hyphen Interiors will be:
May 5 – Andrea at Oakridge Revival
May 12 – Lindsay at Sadie and Stella
May 19 – Elsa at Casa Greer
May 26 – Denise at Pink Postcard
June 2 – Danielle at Danielle Oakey Interiors
June 8 – Cassie at Hi Sugarplum

I will link to Tammy’s posts each week.

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The guest bloggers at Type A will be:
May 5 – Mandy at Sugar Bee Craft Edition
May 12 – Summer at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff
May 19 – Cassie at Primitive and Proper
May 26 – Denise at The Painted Home
June 2 – SJ at Homemaker on a Dime
June 8 – Sommer at Designer Garden

Questions that our guests will choose from include:
- What surprised you most about blogging?
- What was your biggest fear?
- What technical things have been the hardest for you?
- What have you learned when it comes to the mechanics of blogging that you didn’t know right away as a newbie?
- What have you learned as far as reaching new readers?
- What advice would you give to newbies?
- What would you have done differently?
- Who has influenced you most and been a resource to you?
- What tricks and tips can you give us?
- What do you think your readers most like to read about?

Join us for the next six Thursdays as we feature these bloggers in our “Before the Paparazzi” series.  Yes, there is a little sarcasm there.   We know there isn’t really paparazzi, but these bloggers are so good!  Be sure to join us on Thursdays!



  1. How great! I can't wait to see what these talented women have to say :D

  2. Carol@TheDesignPages

    Looking forward to the series and learning some more tips of the trade.

  3. DecorandtheDog

    This is fabulous….like everything else you do!!

  4. Woohoo! I always love learning tips from others. Thanks for including me!

  5. I loved all the helpful tips :-) Thanks so much!!

  6. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the information in this series (I read each blog) and appreciate you reaching out to those of us who are thinking about starting a blog. Keep up the great blogging!

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