Major Issues with my Blog!

Frazzled?  Yeah. (The photo below is from youth ministry days.  Fitting, I thought.  Though I look like a crazed lunatic… but… I kind of have been this morning.  Hope it doesn’t scare you away!)


I woke up to find that my entire blog had been removed by Blogger. Perhaps you noticed this too if you tried to get to my blog this morning. A few people emailed me wondering what was going on.

Yep, so when you went to my blog, there was nothing but a message saying it had been REMOVED by Blogger. Ironically, I had just read that this can happen with Blogger yesterday (falsely suspected of spam) and that is why it is important to have a self hosted site. Obviously it’s not only bad because you could lost posts and comments and have to start over, but your readers have no way of knowing where you started over! It just says it was removed.

Thank God, three or so hours later, it was back up. I have no idea what happened. There is NO easy way to contact google. I posted on forums and got no direct answers, just links to their policies.  So, had it not been reinstated, I would probably be out of luck, at least for a while and experienced even more frustration.

So, of course, this totally spooked me. I sprung into action… the best I could being non-technical. Not the way I intended to spend my day.

So far, I got my own domain name and email addy that matches. Yay. And, I got hosting through GoDaddy so I can put up a WordPress blog (so I can indeed self host) eventually and slowly get it working, while this one continues to run.  I have never played with WordPress. So it may be slow going, but, I may switch over one day. Does anyone like or prefer WordPress? I hope so!   If so, do you do the self hosting?  

It will take me a few weeks to figure it all out and get everything over there and looking right.  Gotta figure out how to transfer my general template over so the look is the same in both places… and my follower list… and so on.

Hopefully I can pull this off.  It’s all I knew to do to prevent this from happening again.  If you have input, I’m happy to hear!

Have you ever had your blog REMOVED?  Did you all know that this can happen on blogger and that it’s not that uncommon?   I didn’t… until yesterday… and then, well, I found out for real today!


  1. WordPress is what was recommended to me when I started blogging so I have never tried anything else. I do like it, but I have no comparisons for you. I would recommend having a self-hosted blog using Blue Host. I found this out the hard way after having to switch everything from a sight to a (self-hosted). This allows you to do a lot more things with your blog.

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    I just realized about 8 comments are missing here! Tried to republish them, but it said they do not exist. At least the post remained. Thanks so much, Jill! I appreciate the advice.

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