Making Wreath with Rolled Flowers–Tutorial

I saw this wreath on Oakridge Revival this week and immediately asked Andrea if she’d share with us how she made it.  She was kind enough to write a tutorial for us!

Take it away, Andrea!

These simple rolled flowers are a great way to add a Spring touch to your decor. 
They are so easy to make.  Here’s a quick tutorial.
This is what you will need:
- a foam wreath
- 3 to 4 strips of fabric (approximately 3″x24″)
- a hot glue gun
- scrapbook paper
- stick pins
- scissors

Start by covering your wreath with the fabric strips.  Either pin or hot glue down the fabric to start and continue wrapping until the entire wreath is covered.  Finish with either a pin or hot glue.

Next, cut out several circles from your scrapbook paper.  I ended up cutting 9 circles total. 
The circles don’t have to be perfect. 

Next, starting from the outside, cut a spiral shape all the way to the middle.

Once you have your spiral cut, beginning from the outside, start rolling the paper tightly.

Continue rolling until you’ve reached the middle of your spiral. 

Once the entire spiral is tightly rolled, let go and you will have this.

Simply dab a bit of hot glue to the middle of the spiral to keep the flower in place.

Cut out a leaf from scrapbook paper and attach to the bottom of the flower with hot glue.

Once all of your flowers are rolled and glued, begin placing them on the wreath. 
I used stick pins to attach my flowers, but you could also attach with hot glue. 

You can either fill the entire wreath with flowers or just a portion. 

I hung this wreath in my daughter’s room.  We are in the middle of giving her room a makeover and this wreath is the perfect new addition.

Here is another wreath I made earlier this week for our front door.
Such a fun and simple project that can be completed in about an hour.

Thanks so much, Andrea.  Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial.  Be sure to stop by her blog.


  1. Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors

    This is so clever & very pretty thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks again for having me, Kristy . I hope your readers give this project a try!

  3. Katie @ Clarendon Lane

    Thanks for posting this tutorial! What a cute spring wreath!

  4. Love. It. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love this! So adorable and fun for spring and summer.

  6. Hi Kristy,

    I created a July 4th wreath using this as inspiration! Of course your flowers are better than mine! LOL!

    I was wondering if I can blog about your blog and grab your pics and some parts of your post regarding making a wreath.


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