Photoshop Tutorial – Stretching A Canvas

A while back a I asked if anyone would be interested in a Photoshop tutorial - for me to share as I learn.  I thought it may be fun for my readers as we are all constantly taking and posting photos.

Here is my first shot at a Photoshop tutorial on video!

It’s my first time to do a video tutorial.  I had to try out 4-5 programs and learn to use them before finding one that would work, so it was a bit of a journey.  (It’s so weird to hear my recorded voice.  I’ve never liked hearing it.)

Below is the before photo from the video.  It’s an image from the rockies in Utah. We used to live not far from where this photo was taken. It’s a snow mobiling field.

This tutorial shows an easy way to take the car out of the lower left corner.  Here is the after photo.

Why would you want to learn this technique?
- To avoid having to use the clone tool.
- To avoid cropping so that the image can stay the same size.

Why a video?   Well, simply put, it’s much easier to learn Photoshop by watching.  To watch the video tutorial, simply hit play below (it’s posted on YouTube…that’s why the reference to this site).

Let me know how you like it and if you want more! Go easy on me – it was my first attempt at a video tutorial like this!

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  1. I want more!! This was excellent. I’ve never seen a video tut on photoshop and it is soooo much easier. I would love to learn more! Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks!! And, I think I had the link to my first recording up on accident… which didn’t sound quite like me… so I redid the link to the right one now. Content is the same, though. Hopefully this one just sounds a little better. Glad it was helpful! If a few others like it, I may do more!

  2. Video is the way to go. Way easier to follow than screen shots. Something I’d love to learn how to do is how to make good subway slash word art. Just a suggestion!! :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Love it Kristy, you did an excellent job (although I didn’t follow along in my photoshop, but I will later) You didn’t have any ums, like or ok’s LOL You voice wasn’t annoying LOL and you were very precise in your instructions. I look forward to more, thanks so much for doing this!

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