How many of you use Photoshop for photo editing?  I know Picasa is pretty popular and easy to use.  However, Photoshop is the most powerful image editing software out there.  It’s also pricey, though.  But, if you happen to have a copy, it’s worth learning more about (even if it’s an older version)!  And, though it’s much more complex than Picasa, there are some very simple things you can learn to do that aren’t all that complicated once you are taught.

I’ve always been a hack with Photoshop and really hadn’t used it a ton in the past 5-10 years.  When I did use it, I just used the basic tools with little knowledge of masks, actions, levels, and so on.  Recently, however, I’ve been doing a bunch of Photoshop tutorials and learning a lot! 

I just signed up for an official college class on Photoshop.  Feels weird after being out of college for so long, even if the class is just for learning.  

Here is a photo I worked on based on the tutorials I’ve watched.  Before.




I have been stealing friend’s photos from places like Facebook so I can practice the new things I am learning.   

The photo above is of my borther and sister in law at the Grand Canyon.  We all went in December.

Here is another example.  Before.




My friend Erin at prom.  Isn’t she beautiful!  It does still look a little grainy just because it was a small photo to begin with and the resolution was low.

I was wondering if any of you would be interested in some simple Photoshop tutorials that I can share as I learn new things.  I could include things like:

- Get rid of under eye shadow.
- Stretching your canvas.
- Making your photo a certain size to fit a frame.
- Using masks to edit only parts of the photo.
- Straightening your photos.
- Making simple borders.
- Another way to dodge and burn.
- A digital diet.  Really tiny and simple changes for a subtle change, but fun stuff.

Would you be interested in such a series?  I could teach you as I learn.  If so, what topics would interest you?



  1. I would LOVE it because I am just trying to learn how to do Photoshop myself. I have an older version, CS2, but could still use the info on the basics and such. Thanks for thinking of your readers!

  2. I would really like it! I want to have really nice pics of my kids (once I have them, of course!). I have a really nice point and click and it does a pretty good job on its own (one day we'll upgrade to the real deal DSLR), but it would be really nice to make the pictures even nicer, frame-worthy! I like the idea of how to effectively brighten/lighten/etc. pictures so they kinda pop more. If that makes sense…

  3. Something Nice and Pretty

    I'd be interested, I'd love to know how to remove some things that happened to get in a great picture!


  4. I just bought Photoshop and would love to be a part of your learning! I am lost.

  5. I would definitely be interested too. I actually don't have photoshop yet, but am planning on getting it soon. I know I'll need all the help I can get as I've heard it's a pretty big beast to battle. :)

  6. Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair

    Oh interested- Yes please, I just use the "auto" on the camera and "auto" on the photo viewer. XX Samantha

  7. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    Yes, yes and yes please. I am trying to learn it as well but honestly have much time to do so. This would be a perfect cliff notes version! Where are you taking classes at?

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