Purple and Yellow

Now that the migration is done and I’ve moved to WordPress, is everyone still getting their feeds just fine?  Please let me know if you see any problems.

Purple keeps grabbing my attention. It’s such a rich color and comes in so many different saturations. It evokes feelings of richness and luxury, while yellow gives energy and evokes a cheerful feel.  They are opposites on the color wheel, yet can be hard on the eyes unless combined just right.

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

I’m really liking it.  What do you think of this color combination?



  1. Hi Kristy…..I just got back home late last night, I have missed reading everyone’s blog.
    I am also a lover of purple, in my last home I had painted the walls lavender and the ceiling a pale yellow…it was beautiful. We are in the process of finishing our basement and I will have an office/craft area, the colors I have picked out for that is purple, black and gray. It may not get finished soon but when I get started I will post pictures!
    have a great day,

    • So glad you made it back safely! Hope you had a great time! Wow, sounds like you were ahead of the curve! So jealous that you have a basement!

  2. Yeah! The world didn’t end and I just awarded you the versatile blogger award, it’s a twofer check it out at http://decor-voyeur.blogspot.com

    • Aw, so sweet! Thanks so much! And, yeah, I guess the world didn’t end… or very very very few were raptured and we haven’t heard yet… haha! Thanks again! (Love your humor!)

  3. Such pretty pictures, love yellow and purple together!

  4. Hope you like wordpress – I love it! I also love that purple wall in one of the middle pictures with the hot pink flowers – cute! I’m surprised I like it so much but I guess your right about how you use it – I have been house shopping and some unfortunate soul painted the cabinets in their kitchen a very bright purple – that did not turn out well in my opinion. I also think these colors would be great in the girls room – definitely filing this one away for future reference! Thanks Kristy!

    • Yeah, that pink, purple and yellow combo – even better! I agree. I love the teenage girl’s room on the second row (left) as well. Purple cabinets! Wow. Wonder if there is any way to make that work. Sounds like you may have to repaint them if you go with that house.

      I love WordPress so far, but I’m still brand new (two days) so I’m still learning how it all works and about plugins and such… but I do see some good things already like these nested comments and I just figured out how to make sure it emails people when I reply to their comments!

  5. All of these rooms does it well.
    Quite Well.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. I have never really liked purple that much but I am really loving the colour combo of deep purple and bright yellow. It’s so striking and uplifting! Gorgeous pics! P.S – thanks for the quatrefoil carpet link the other day, will be checking it out a bit later!

  7. I love this combo! My childhood room was sunny yellow and my adjoining bath was lavender!

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