Street Art

Inspiration is all around us.  Do you appreciate street art?  I know graffiti can be destructive and down right criminal, but can you see beauty in it?  Do you take note when you can clearly see there was talent behind it or when it’s particularly creative?

I loved visiting NYC just after 911.  I didn’t just enjoy walking around looking at the architecture, but I enjoyed looking at all of the graffiti just as much.   Below are images from the web that caught my eye.

image image

image image

image image

image image

I’ve always thought it may be super cool to have a huge canvas the size of a wall painted by a street artist in bright colors.  Design has a heavy leaning towards the graphic right now, in the form of rugs, pillows and art.  So, I thought why not explore street art again, like we did in the 80s, as it’s incredibly graphic.

Street art in design for homes?


Bringing the outside in?

image image

image image

image image

Do you like street art?  Do you lean towards graphic designs? How are you being graphic in your home?



  1. I love all the color! I don’t tend to gravitate toward this style for my home, but definitely can appreciate and love staring at all the pretty graphics and colors!

  2. Great post I have always thought the people that create street art are incredibly talented yet wasted artists. I love your images where the ideas around street art are brought to wall canvas, furniture & even ceramics. Theres something very raw about the style that i love. Thanks for sharing this is a brilliant post

  3. Street art is awesome! I love how graffiti was pulled into homes as art. It’s beautiful and inspiring, and I love how it is making a name for itself even in some museums!

    • Me too! I just love that those artists have another outlet and that there are those out there who appreciate their skills. There is definitely beauty to be found in it.

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