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I meet the coolest readers and many time check out their blogs and end up checking back regularly.  Jess’ blog is one of those.  She is such a sweetheart.  This past week, when checking her blog, I read a fabulous post and asked her to share it with all of my readers.  It’s such a good lesson that I believe so much in.   I appreciated that she had actual photos and proof to illustrate her point, so it’s not just words.  Take it away Jess!


Hi everyone! My name is Jess(ica) and I write at House Sweet Home, a blog about turning my house into a home, and all of the details along the way. I am a fairly new blogger, only blogging for about three and a half months now. I am so amazed with this wonderful world. One of the first blogs I started following and reading daily was Kristy’s blog- which had me at hello (aka her gorgeous painted chair!). To say that I am so thrilled and honored to be guest posting at her blog is a HUGE understatement! Thank you Kristy! I hope you enjoy my post on something I have just re-learned, Selective Decorating.

“Selective Decorating
This post is a result of a wonderful epiphany I had recently about selection decorating. That’s a term I coined recently.  Allow me to define it for you:

Selective Decorating: a term used to describe home styling, in a choosy manner.

Meaning Decoded: Only style your home with items you truly love.


Yes, this seems like a fairly simple concept. But allow me to go into further detail. I personally need to remember this. I have a problem with purchasing or making things that I am only satisfied with, instead of only choosing to decorate with items I am truly in love with.

Keep in mind- this is not a reflection of being thrifty and only using what you have on hand. This is a reminder that we should not go out of our way to purchase new (or used) items simply to fill up a space.

Lesson 1:
I purchased 9 small pillows from Ikea, because they were only $1.99 each. Now, they were NOT in my color scheme, but I reasoned, with the price, they were GOOD ENOUGH.


They are small 12″ pillows- and really not right for my home. The reason I bought 9-6 for my dining room chairs and 3 for my living room. So- that is $17.91 plus tax- equaling approximately $19.39.


The purpose of me telling you this? Because now I have 9 pillows that I really don’t care for. The color isn’t right for my home, the size is all off, and I still want different pillows. Yes, I can probably repurpose them in many ways, but what I really should have done is not purchase them in the first place. And you may ask, why haven’t I returned them? Because they have been living satisfactorily in my home for some time now, and have puppy hair and everything else all over them.

Lesson 2:
Recently, I was at one of my favorite stores ever, Hobby Lobby. I only went there to purchase yarn and jute for my yarn ball garlands, but at Hobby Lobby, it’s hard to only go for one thing. I walked around the entire store, just looking, and fell. in. LOVE. with this pillow:



Now, this gorgeous teal satin tufted pillow was $19.99. Plus, it was half off, making it $9.99. MEANING, I could have spent $7.92 LESS than those silly Ikea pillows I didn’t even want.

Bottom line, I REALLY LOVE my new pillow. It is EXACTLY the style I love and want in my home. When I was younger, my parents would always tell me “Patience is a virtue.”

Now patience is not only a virtue in life, but in home design as well. It is much better to simply wait for something you really love, instead of simply purchasing or making something that will just do.

Case in point.

Simply Making Do:


Something I Love:


I hope these lessons help you as much as they have helped me!

Thank you so much for sharing today, Jess!   This is such a valuable lesson.  I am so often tempted to buy what is on sale simply because it’s on sale or to make something work when it’s not ideal.  Patience is not a strong suit of mine.  So, I remind myself of this concept often.  Well put.



  1. Thank you Kristy for asking me to guest post! I am so excited to be included in your blog.

  2. I love that you talk about this, because not a lot of people do! This perspective makes a huge difference in how you make your house a home, and that’s often ever-evolving. I can relate in our formal space right now, which I actually REALLY love, but am now just wanting to create a more laid back beachy feel to the room. Sometimes even beautiful, well designed spaces still aren’t YOU, which in my opinion isn’t really great design at all. What I love about design is that there’s a way to reflect any person’s loves in life. :-) LOVE your blog btw – thanks for sharing!

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